Britney Spears: NOT Expecting Baby #3!

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Britney Spears is pregnant for a third time.

So Life & Style would have you believe, anyway. We'd chalk this up to a giant April Fool's hoax, but L&S reports such things every other week.

No way is Britney Spears pregnant. She's just now emerging from an 18-month hiatus, performing and mixing cocktails with the best of 'em.

She's also not married to Jason Trawick, and has her hands full with Sean and Jayden. No way she's having another kid while unmarried.

Baby Drama Alert!

More like non-baby drama. One lie and two non-stories! Crazy!

Britney's made some mistakes in her past, yes, but she's pulled it together well now, and is so micromanaged that there's simply no way this is true. None.

At least the Kim Zolciak-NeNe Leakes portion of this magazine expose is more or less accurate. Not interesting to say the least, but more or less accurate.


I can't believe brittany even has kids :D


Good for her she isn't pregnant because she is a horrible. Mother who allowed her sons to get rotted teeth, feed them too much junk food,if she was any good she would have custody of them.


britney princes of pop for ever!


i think its total bs...she just got a new album and busy making mvs...


Hey danhell- is that all you do is say negative things about people? How shameful is that? At least she is a human being and being like any human being and is trying and getting back on her feet and showing the world that she is not giving up. I actually think it is pathetic that anyone can put someone down for going after something. She lives in a complete different world than you so next time consider others feelings besides your own.


The story doesn't say she's pregnant. Jeesh. Says she told someone she'd like another baby someday because she really wants a girl. Never says "Britney's pregnant."


ju need to calm down, yes she had her issues, but when ju have billions of people watchin jur every move. jur bound to have overload stresses, she is comin back hard, so stop hating,


Thank goodness Britney isn't preggo! This chick has enough problems and bringing another kid into the world when she can't even take care of herself would not be a good idea. She doesn't belong on the stage anymore. Critics have likened her recent performances to that of her disasterous VMA one. Her babysitters don't even turn her mic on for they are afraid of what she will say (other than a quick thank you). She can't even dance anymore. Her babysitters don't allow her to have a cellphone, go on the computer and interviews must be done via email or IF they are done in person, all questions must be approved & her babysitters feed her the answers. She will never be the superstar she once was. She should retire while she still has a shred of dignity left.

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