Bree Olson Pleads Guilty in DUI Case

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Bree Olson slash Rachel Oberlin is no goddess in the eyes of the law.

Charlie Sheen's former plaything pleaded guilty to a DUI charge Tuesday. The charge stemmed from the porn actress' arrest in Indiana back in February.

According to INCNow (dot) tv, Bree reached a deal with prosecutors in which she will serve one year of unsupervised probation if she stays out of trouble.

Bree Olson Mug Shot

Olson (whose real name is Rachel Oberlin) must also finish an unspecified amount of community service in the next year. Official sentencing is set for May 3.

Bree, who dumped Charlie Sheen presumably for good last weekend, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of DUI after crashing her car February 3.

It was originally reported that she was merely taking a leave of absence as one of his goddesses while she returned to Indiana for this DUI sentencing.

Alas, the rift turned out to be more serious and the split permanent. But that doesn't mean there are hard feelings, as Bree is still close with him.


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