Brad Womack-Emily Maynard Breakup Watch: Second Report Says Engagement is Off

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The Bachelor winner Emily Maynard has severed her engagement to Brad Womack, according to reports. This seconds a prior story that Emily and Brad split.

A source tells OK! that Emily called Brad to call off their wedding and gave back the 3-carat Neil Lane engagement ring from The Bachelor season finale.

Going forward, she will “see what happens.” That's never a positive status.

Brad Womack Proposes to Emily Maynard

In the end, Emily Maynard simply felt too much pressure to move to Texas with her 5-year-old daughter Ricki and to conform to Brad’s lifestyle.

“She finally gave up and refused,” a source says. “She said ‘I want my life back.’ ”

Emily and Brad - in their own words - have struggled to stay together since the show. But now various reports hint that things are deteriorating.

There's even the implication that they're pretending to stay together - or at least not confirming the open-secret split - to protect The Bachelor.

Not like that brand would really be sullied by its 14th failure in 15 tries (you're on your own Jason and Molly), but that's what we're hearing.

In any case, they have not confirmed it. No statements, no press releases, no interviews. Emily Maynard has been radio silent on Twitter.

All we have are vague reports like this, although they are mounting up.

“There have been so many breakups and make ups - mostly over the phone or Skype,” a source said. “Finally, Emily told him she can’t do this."

What do you think? Is it over? Did it ever stand a chance?


The show has always been a joke. How can anyone take it or the "contestants" serious. It is an attempt at 15 min worth of fame induced by alcohol and agendas. Please people be real. You don't seriously think these people are on the show for love do you? It is a game that only proves the degridation of our morals as humans. I think it is so sad. It does almost as much damage as shows like Jerry Springer.


If I could talk to Emily I would tell her to run, not walk away from Brad. I watched the whole season and I saw somethingin Brad that bothered me, but I couldn't put my finger on. Finally in the last episode when Brad gets very upset with Emily because he feels she is questioning his sincerity to be a good Dad......that is when I saw it. He is almost exactly the same as my ex. Good looking, charming, sensitive , loving......until they feel misunderstood. Then the scarey temper comes out. And they become irrational. Afterwards they apologize , you get gifts flowers etc. But in their hearts they believe it was your fault. It becomes emotionally abusive. It's confusing because you can't understand what happened and how a man that says he loves you can be so cruel and intimidating. It sent a shiver up my spine. Brad needs to get help. Emily should run. I did from my spouse and now I live in peace.


Ithink Emily is making a big mistake. Brad seemed very sincere in his feelings for her and her daughter.I think it is time to move on in life and not worry about what her ex fiance's family thought. I also think Ricky,her ex fiancee would approve of Brad. The Hendrick's are very nice people and would adjust and be happy for her nd their grandaughter.


I think the two of you need some counceling. Brad has the right idea about being a father but you need to leave the liquer alone as your drinking only gets you trouble & anybody looks good after so many drinks. If you have love for Emily & Ricki get some help. By what I've seen you could be a great & loving dad. Good luck to both of you.


She was just in it for publicity anyways.


Brad loves attention and is a phony with all tha M'amm and Please talk of his. He is a womanizer and couldnt be faithful for long even as he was pretending to try, anyway. He is a bar fly and a drunk who loves that nite life woooing whoever will look his way. Not the type to be a father, let alone a husband, to a child. Staying home playing board games with the little one and flyin' kites will only go so far with his type. Emily is smart cookie and a true Mother first. But am surprised it took her this long to break it off. ALWAYS trust your gut! Congrats Emily!

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