Bobby Titcomb, Obama Golfing Pal, Busted For Soliciting Prostitution

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Bobby Titcomb, an old Hawaii schoolmate and longtime golfing buddy of President Barack Obama's, was arrested for solicitation of prostitution.

The bust took place in Honolulu, which is part of the United States.

Titcomb, who hosted the Obama family at his Waialua home over the holidays this winter, was one of four people arrested in a sting operation

Bobby Titcomb Mug Shot

BOOKED: Bobby Titcomb after he got popped.

The crime, which allegedly took place Monday, is a misdemeanor that typically carries a $500 fine, as well as probation and up to 30 days in jail.

Obama and Titcomb attended the private Punahou School in Honolulu together in the '70s and have been friends ever since. Well, until this.

Who knows how the Prez will react to his pal joining THG's celebrity mug shots gallery. He could do something nuts like shut down the federal government.

You can never tell nowadays.


Oh my. This is too rich. Trying to think if a Bush pal got arrested for prostition, would you idiot leftists be whining for anyone to take the article down?
Of course you would, you use consistent logic.


I would like to see Hollywood Gossip pull the article, I doubt they will so since the current advertising on the page is Chilis I am not noing to eat at Chilis to protest ridiculous gossip disguised as news.


yes, his being "kenyan" has something to do with this. it has something to do with EVERYTHING. I am SO sick of birthers! get a life!


In most countries in the world, "Pay-for-Play" is legal and when you proposition a woman it's up to her to accept the deal. In the country of The Free (the US), it is a crime. Freedom my foot!


Hah! I knew it, Obama is Kenyan!


He'll probably hold a press conference so he can publicly "forgive" him and tell the country how he deserves a second chance, just like he did with the cocksucker Michael Vick.

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