Billy Ray Cyrus Has One Wish for Daughter

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In his continuing attempt to mend his family, Billy Ray Cyrus has made clear his one wish for daughter Miley: unadulterated happiness.

"My wish for her is to be happy. To love what she's doing," the famous father tells Parade. "We've always had a slogan in our family: 'If you ain't happy, it ain't working.' You need to love what you're doing. As long as she's happy and loving making music - and I know she loves acting - that's all that matters."

Billy Ray Cyrus in Parade

Miley kicks off a tour of Australia later this month and Billy Ray says it's been incredible to watch her journey as an artist.

"I think music is an evolution of what an artist is feeling and going through in their lives. We've always been the fans of singers and songwriters who live what they're singing and sing what they're living."

The elder Cyrus famously
went off on Hannah Montana and the concept of celebrity a little while ago, but sounds like he's changed his tune now:

"I try to focus on the positive. Fame can be dangerous. I think it's important to stay focused on where you wanna go, what you're all about, and what you want to do with your work. And there will be a lot of distractions out there. That's why it's all the more important to stay focused on what you believe in."

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@Myra: I just think that you are jealous..YES I am Miley Cyrus fan and I am gonna defend her until you stop!..>.< Everything you said it"s a...well lie..lies..whatever..You know maybe Miley was bong smoking..and kissed a girl..but that is her life..and you have no idea about her and you never spoke to her so now you"re calling her stupid?...I mean it"s lame...Miley apologized, so why don"t you ppl just MOVE ON ALREADY??!..Myra I think you are stupid by posting this fucking comment just to get attention...Back off one cares -.-


Not to be rude or start any fights. But why do you all look up Miley Cyrus if you hate her? I really want to know. Because I don't look up anything about the people that piss me off. And I find it strange, if you looked up the people you liked wouldn't that be more fun?


Miley is stupid. and yes myra i do agree. everything you said is the god given truth! myra you totally rule!!!


Miley is sooo stupid. Shes a werid person. And her music sucks alot as well. I feel like she tries tooo hard to be cool and that itself is not cool. Hannah Montana is finally off the air. Which is a huge relife!!! She cant act nor sing. Shes a bong smokin lezbo kissing cow singing little bitch. soooo do you agree?


That's so nice of him i hope miley has heard him

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