Billy Ray Cyrus Has One Wish for Daughter

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In his continuing attempt to mend his family, Billy Ray Cyrus has made clear his one wish for daughter Miley: unadulterated happiness.

"My wish for her is to be happy. To love what she's doing," the famous father tells Parade. "We've always had a slogan in our family: 'If you ain't happy, it ain't working.' You need to love what you're doing. As long as she's happy and loving making music - and I know she loves acting - that's all that matters."

Billy Ray Cyrus in Parade

Miley kicks off a tour of Australia later this month and Billy Ray says it's been incredible to watch her journey as an artist.

"I think music is an evolution of what an artist is feeling and going through in their lives. We've always been the fans of singers and songwriters who live what they're singing and sing what they're living."

The elder Cyrus famously
went off on Hannah Montana and the concept of celebrity a little while ago, but sounds like he's changed his tune now:

"I try to focus on the positive. Fame can be dangerous. I think it's important to stay focused on where you wanna go, what you're all about, and what you want to do with your work. And there will be a lot of distractions out there. That's why it's all the more important to stay focused on what you believe in."

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I am so with Mariam her family is the most stupid family in the world!


Miley Cyrus sounds like a donkey. The way she eats pizza doesn't make her look cool it makes her look like a donkey's poop. She have a haircut that looks like a Donkey's tail. She is not talented at all she dances like an elephant that is eating another elephant. All her lipsticks makes her look like she just kisses elephant s poop. She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid and ugly she is the most ugly person in the world. Her father sounds like an elephant who just trying to eat his very own poop. The Cyrus family is the most smelly,stupid and ugly family EVER. They should give them a golden necklace saying " the most stupid family in the world ".


I love and admire u miley,ignore what haters say.Just stick to what you do best and gnaw at it,love ya:-*;-):-)


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@niamh thank you :**


no matter what haters say,how many fights they had in the past, a parent will always love their children, great to know they are working well together again :)


every dad worries fr his child!!!!!!!!!!!billy worries fr miley i knw miley is a gud singer and i totally disagree wd this myra!!!!!!and myra mind ur language otherwise there are a lot of mileys fans who can kick ur asss and no 1 iz meee!!!love u miley...n gd socerrr babe 11!!!!


so she should enjoy whats shes doing its an inportint part of being famous


i love miley i think she is a wonderful person. she is so wise to me. i am a huge miley fan and i toatally disagree with you myra and i totally agree with you mileyfannumber1.


I dont understand yeah people talk crud about people celeberaties or not... im sure u hate it when people talk about you so why do u talk about people.. it shows ur little self respect if u have any... and you all know that people at ur high school do drugs and u probly look the other way.. and when a chick dates a chick you treat them like trash because ur upset either that u don't have the guts to come out or ur jealous that they can be thier selves. so how about if u dont have anything nice to say u don't say anything at all.. it's a first grade concept.

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