Ashley Tisdale and Kaley Cuoco: Nude in Allure!

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This is not your typical clothes-free photo shoot, nor does it feature celebrities you'd typically expect to be featured in a photo shoot sans clothing.

Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical and Hellcats fame, for example.

"I'm 25, almost 26, but people think of me as much younger because I look young," she said of taking it all off in Allure. "Being in this shoot was me saying, 'I'm not just the young girl everybody thinks I am. I'm actually a woman.'

There's no doubting that now.

Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory and Hop had similar reasons for posing nude for the first time. See stunning, black-and-white pics of both, plus Keri Hilson and Blue Bloods star/Tom Brady ex Bridget Moynahan after the jump:

Ashley Tisdale Nude
Kaley Cuoco Nude
Bridget Moynahan Nude
Keri Hilson Nude

[Photo: Allure]

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Wow, what a bunch of bitter, jealous, judgmental "women" leaving hurtful, rotten, and hateful comments on here. The only ones who should be ashamed are you people. These woman look beautiful, and the pics are tasteful. The only thing sickening about this are your comments and attitudes, you all disgust me. Get over it!


I wouldn't pose THAT naked for a magazine, because I would want to leave a little to the imagination and I wouldn't want the whole world to be able to say they've seen 99% of my body. However, I don't judge these women for feeling differently and nobody else should either. It's a matter of personal choice, not morality. Expressing and exploring one's sexuality- and being ok with others doing the same- is a part of maturing into an adult. It's not like they're doing anything they don't have the right to do, and at least their privates are covered.


if i had that body i will not take nude pictures i don't understand that why celebs got to get nake it for just to show off their body.


Blah blah blah. Please, can we let go of our puritanical roots for one second and appreciate our own bodies? Look at any Italian Vogue, and it's chock full of nudity. It's not a maturity issue for the people posing nude, it's a maturity issue for readers not to point and say "Look! Boobies!" Or "What a slut for being naked! OMG!".


Women are always complaining about how guys only want them for their bodies. Well, what do you expect when you pose nude for them???? Put your clothes back on and win their affection by doing something good for the world!!!!!


totally sucks!so they tink posing nude is maturity wel gud 4 them they just joined d league of hollywood idiots


Good on them! They're gorgeous girls. If i had a body like that, i'd show it off too!


yuuu know yu idiots that are talkin SHIT that when we were first created WE WERE FUKN NAKED! idiots. who gives a shit if they are naked yur prolly jus jealous bc yu look FUGLY naked. bahahahaha


Totally agree with you!!!!! They think being naked shows "maturity" I find it immature. There are other ways to show that you're growing up and becoming more and more your own adult.. so stupid.


I will never understand why young women feel the need to bare their clothes in order to prove that they have "grown up". Why not become active in charities or start one of your own? Put your "grown up" self on the map doing something NOBLE and self respectful instead of something that puts sexism and the fair treatment of women without objectifying back several decades.

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