Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on a Break?

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Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon presented Sunday night at the Academy of Country Music Awards and looked adorable while doing it.

But is there an ugly story behind this event? According to Great Britain's The Daily Mirror, Kristen Stewart was originally scheduled to accompany Robert to the ceremony. However, she did not show up because the couple is "on a break."

Rob on NYC

While Stewart, Pattinson and the Twilight Saga cast are filming Breaking Dawn in Vancouver, Rob is often away from set in order to promote Water for Elephants. Their lack of time together has caused a rift, an insider claims:

“The excuses why they couldn’t meet up basically got weaker and weaker, and Rob figured they should officially cool things off and have some time to figure out what they each want.

"There have been a few tears but the pair remain friendly. Kristen is hopeful of a reconciliation once Rob has finished promotion for his latest movie. But as things stand, they’re on a break and just mates.”

Then again, the couple was spotted together on a date just a few weeks ago. So we'll leave it up to readers whether or not they wish to believe this latest rumor.

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Same old story! It's getting boring! Find something new to write about. This has become really a drag! My prediction, it will end after Breaking Dawn has been at the theaters. Them being together now is good PR. Leave it alone already! Just because they write about it, doesn't make it true. And Daily Mirror? Oh please...they are just as bad Daily Fail...ehhhmmm I mean Dialy Mail.


They need to stay together. They're perfect for each other


umm I thought he was gay?


Is that ENOUGH sources debunking this one for you yet? Now STFU about it already. Will the break up. Probably. Has it happened yet? Nope.


E! Online/Awful Truth: Dear Ted:
Just been reading the Daily Mirror and they have an article on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart splitting up. What is your take on this and please don't quote "Daily Mirror really?" Where there is smoke, there is fire. What I want to know is what is your take on this.
—Sin Dear Gimme a Break:
Daily Mirror, really? (Besides, I'm told they're cool)


Lainey Gossip: As I’m not up in their asses every day, I can’t tell you whether or not Stewart and Pattinson were stroking each other five minutes ago. So if you need an UP TO THE MINUTE update on their love, I’m sorry I can’t help you. What I can tell you is that they certainly didn’t seem to be on a break yesterday. In fact, as of yesterday, they were still living together in Squamish, BC. Yes, living together. As in sharing a residence. If you need me to be more specific, this was yesterday afternoon. Like almost evening. Like not even 24 hours ago. So…that doesn’t sound so breaky. Don’t panic.


Gossip Cop: Mirror claims, “K-Stew had been expected to attend the Country Music Awards in Las Vegas with her lover. They both had time off but, as with January’s Golden Globe Awards, R-Patz turned up on his own.� Not true. First of all, it was NOT the Country Music Awards. It was the Academy of Country Music Awards. But more importantly, Stewart was NEVER slated to be at the ACMs in Las Vegas, according to a source close to the actress. Pattinson was simply at the awards show to present with Reese Witherspoon, with whom he’s currently promoting their film, Water for Elephants. And those quotes from a so-called “source� about how the two “began to drift apart� and “Rob figured they should officially cool things off� are completely off-base. The two have NOT split. Maybe the Mirror should leave the fictional drama for the Twilight films – and not the people who star in them.


Stacey this is a lie Rob and Kristen are still together the Mirror is a piece of crap tabloid. Multiple sites who have reliable sources said that everything is fine they are still a couple. They were just out last week together and they were seen kissing at a cast party. And were also seen at their hotel going up to their room by a fan


The Mirror is a piece of crap. Seems like a made up story that really didn't say anything to me. Gossip Cop said it was a lie too!


1. They have never attended a public event together nor discuss their relationship so gmafb that she was going to go to a cheesy country award show with him. 2. Lisa: You are transparent. There are photos of them holding hands. There are photos of them kissing in montreal. There are photos of him stroking her face at a wedding. There are photos with her with his family over Christmas. There are photos of her leaving Budapest with him after spending her birthday with him. There are plenty of photos. But you keep on seeing what you want to see.

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