Angelina Pivarnick: Pregnant Via Dave Kovacs!

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Angelina Pivarnick is pregnant. Dave Kovacs, who's allegedly gonna marry the former Jersey Shore pain in the ass, allegedly did the impregnating.

TMZ confirmed the pregnancy with a quote from Ange herself, though for once in her life, she declined to comment any further on something.

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Sources say the daddy is her fiance Dave Kovacs, who got engaged to Angelina in February for reasons unknown. No word on the due date.

GTL: For Angelina Pivarnick, that's gym, tan, labor. Or loser.


Poor baby has to live with a "dirty hampster" and look at the face her "finance/baby daddy is making"...can you say shot gun wedding?!


Congrats to the happy couple
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Oh geeze, this girl is barely able to take care of herself, never mind a baby! Hope she smartens up and grows up quick for the childs sake.


I love how Angelina's face is tanned and her hand is WHITE!

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