Angelina Jolie to Adopt Seventh Child? New Tattoo Prompts Speculation

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Is Angelina Jolie ready to adopt once again?

During her U.N. goodwill trip to the Tunisia-Libya border this week, the actress was photographed showing a tattoo of a new set of map coordinates on her arm.

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The coordinates, as you probably know, mark the birthplaces of her six children - the first three adopted, the next three biological with partner Brad Pitt.

So is #7 on the way?

It's unclear, although the numbers are there. The coordinates are hard to read, but the North African region Jolie is visiting would be an appropriate choice.

A source close to Jolie warns not to read too much into her skin art, but you have to wonder. It does fit the pattern of the other SIX TATTOOS right there.

Those coordinates mark the births of:

  • Maddox, 9, from Cambodia
  • Pax, 7, from Vietnam
  • Zahara, 6, from Ethiopia
  • Shiloh, 4, born in Namibia
  • Vivienne and Knox, 2 born in France

What do you think? Is a Libyan refugee about to join the family? Is there any celebrity cooler than Angelina Jolie? Sound off in the comments below.


I think she should look here first in her own country sure what she is doing is great but there are children right here that are in need of rescuing.


I too think she has enough and should stop and be a mom for once!! And IF she did want to adopt, how come she doens't find a child here in AMERICA?? Not good enough for her?? I see...


I think it's nice however what is wrong with the american children that are in foster homes here.


I think its a wonderful thing there too much homeless kids


she is such a sweetheart!! may the lord award her long life to see her kids growing. she has a heart of gold, she is so beautiful in all ways.


I think she has enough kids..she dont need the hell is she gonna show individual attenton to each kid if wont stop adopting..what is she trying to be mother Theresa..I think it is a good thing adopting but I think she has enough kids..


I say good for her if she is adopting another one! There are soo many orphans in this world, it's so awesome that she and Brad open up their home and shell out the money to adopt these kids! It's just wonderful!!


They cleared it up that the 7th set of coordinates is Brad's home town...


Angelina tattoos the coordinates of where her kids were born on her arm (over her old BillyBob tattoo... not tacky at all). She has 6 kids. So why in this photo are there 7 lots of coordinates on her arm?

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