Angelina Jolie to Adopt Seventh Child? New Tattoo Prompts Speculation

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Is Angelina Jolie ready to adopt once again?

During her U.N. goodwill trip to the Tunisia-Libya border this week, the actress was photographed showing a tattoo of a new set of map coordinates on her arm.

Ashlee, Pete and Bronx Pic

The coordinates, as you probably know, mark the birthplaces of her six children - the first three adopted, the next three biological with partner Brad Pitt.

So is #7 on the way?

It's unclear, although the numbers are there. The coordinates are hard to read, but the North African region Jolie is visiting would be an appropriate choice.

A source close to Jolie warns not to read too much into her skin art, but you have to wonder. It does fit the pattern of the other SIX TATTOOS right there.

Those coordinates mark the births of:

  • Maddox, 9, from Cambodia
  • Pax, 7, from Vietnam
  • Zahara, 6, from Ethiopia
  • Shiloh, 4, born in Namibia
  • Vivienne and Knox, 2 born in France

What do you think? Is a Libyan refugee about to join the family? Is there any celebrity cooler than Angelina Jolie? Sound off in the comments below.


First I think that she needs to quit with the "recreational drugs, gain some weight and get on some phyco meds. Spend some quality time with the kids that she has and then maybe in another 10 years when she grows up, then think about another kid. She and Brad have already messed up 6 kids why mess up another one that doesn't have to be.


Everything she does is for her own best interest. I don't consider this self absorbed individual a sincere person. She knows how to Steele the show from everybody else "showing off her tattoo" to the world to see. She is overrated and overpaid.


Angelina's arms are nasty. NASTY. You can see in the picture.
Also, what is she really doing? Is she really making a dent in all the countries she visits?
Don't you think if one person going and talking to children could solve every problem facing a country, no country would face any problems whatsoever? These are countries under dictatorship, or countries where the citizens have no rights or no money. Angelina won't fix that.


Really people,iv never felt good about Bradd n Jolie's adoptions,they aint even married for Chrissakes,I hope true stories behind this facade gets out soon!


There really is not much need for my comments as others have said most of my thoughts in a much more blunt way. I question the motives of the adoptions, but I can't see into Angelina's and Brad's heart. My only comment is: Start at home; adopt older American children (not babies, cause they are at a premium)that also desperately need a home. You need not look beyond our own borders to do "good works" if that is the motive, but wait.....maybe you wouldn't get as much media attention for that?


that's a lot of kids!


To Charlote Williams: Agree 100% Right on!


Try to follow along......
6 kids BUT 1 set of twins = 5 sets of Long & Lat
2 parents = 7 sets of Long & Lat!!!!! OMG that totally makes sense!!!
Wow, that was rocket science. I can't believe this is a news story.

Brenda bauder

There are so many homeless and unwanted children out there. I think it is wonderful of her to take her time and her resources to go out there and give the children she can a chance. I DO wish she would adopt more American children, there is so much need here also but I understand and respect her desire to have different cultures in her home.


She doesn't take care of any of the children she has. She adopts and then gets bored and moves on. Stop adopting.

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