Angelina Jolie to Adopt Seventh Child? New Tattoo Prompts Speculation

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Is Angelina Jolie ready to adopt once again?

During her U.N. goodwill trip to the Tunisia-Libya border this week, the actress was photographed showing a tattoo of a new set of map coordinates on her arm.

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The coordinates, as you probably know, mark the birthplaces of her six children - the first three adopted, the next three biological with partner Brad Pitt.

So is #7 on the way?

It's unclear, although the numbers are there. The coordinates are hard to read, but the North African region Jolie is visiting would be an appropriate choice.

A source close to Jolie warns not to read too much into her skin art, but you have to wonder. It does fit the pattern of the other SIX TATTOOS right there.

Those coordinates mark the births of:

  • Maddox, 9, from Cambodia
  • Pax, 7, from Vietnam
  • Zahara, 6, from Ethiopia
  • Shiloh, 4, born in Namibia
  • Vivienne and Knox, 2 born in France

What do you think? Is a Libyan refugee about to join the family? Is there any celebrity cooler than Angelina Jolie? Sound off in the comments below.


To the last comment: You need to read before you write too!! And who said anything about wanting to help her!!?? You need to get your ass out of her butt and see her for what she really is.


Do you guys think before writinng somthing about he.She lives her own life and she has never ask you to help her.when she was young, she did some mistakes but she didnot hurt anbody but herself.Now she is doing better things.So, what is her mistake? She is a humanbeing. She is just like us.Every body makes atleast one mistake.Please think like human beings before you write. I just like her!!!!!!!!!!!


Just hoping the baby is Brads..given her history my guess is the baby will come out looking Italian...probably not so good for her image :)


her arm is soo nasty lookin seein all them veins stickin out like that by her elbow


Love the last comment!! Right on!


idn understand her.......and i hate angelina i can't stand herrrrrr brad


maybe she lost a baby? i think she only got them after the other ones were already with her ???? brad is looking ever more stressed. ange, like britney and lindsay all have borderline personality disorder, ange with narcissistic traits. look it up :/


Dude..let it BE!!! Get over yourself girl!!! Aren't your kids already squabbling and interfighting? Don't you have nannies raising them? Let someone who wants to invest the time raise the child for gods sake


I think that she has the right to adopt as many kids as she wants, she surely has the resources to do it. I also read that her second daughter would have died without Angie adopting her. And why adopt American babies? There are so many out there, so many made orphans by the American soldiers and their guns... maybe money spent with these wars should have been spent on orphans. And she may be thin, selfish or whatever, but at least she gets media coverage for what she does, allowing those regions and the refugees to be heard, seen, and maybe raise a bit of money to help them. And Brad seems happy,so maybe Jen was not the one. Every man/woman has the right to fight for his own happiness. Bravo Angie!


I'm with Bono. Teach foreign children to make food from the ground; teach them about contraceptives, gather the money from various countries to vaccinate them, and go home to your own children. HE means it. This woman is a PR romancer. Whenever she's crying in Namiba or wherever..there's a camera. C'mon. I don't know if she loves those kids or not, but I do know that she can't possibly love them more than she loves herself. If she wants something; she takes it. Kind of like when she admitted to seducing Brad whilst he was still married. Where was her amazing compassion for his ex-wife, Jennifer? She had none, and I've seen zero remorse. Something doesn't add up with this woman. She should have stuck to just being a beautiful actress and leave the Good Will to people who know what they're doing, and know how to do it. People like Bob Geldof and Bono,

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