American Idol Results: Who Was Voted Off?

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After last week's shocking elimination of Pia Toscano on American Idol, we learned to be prepared for everything. No one is safe going into the results show.

Would someone we expected to stick around all season be ousted again tonight? Or would America cast its ballots more predictably this time? We had no clue.

We did accurately predict that three among these four - Jacob Lusk, Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart - would comprise the final three.

Paul, Stefano and Haley earned the fewest votes after Wednesday night.

Follow the jump to see which of the three left American Idol tonight ...

Paul McDonald is on his way back to Nashville.

For the first time in six weeks, a guy was sent packing. Paul's gravelly voice and Southern charm carried him far, but couldn't get him over the hump tonight.

Paul McDonald on American Idol

"It's OK, man, it's OK. It's been fun, a good time," Paul told Ryan, before J. Lo offered a request for one more performance of Rod Stewart's "Maggie May."

What do you think? Did America blow it yet again this week, or was Paul McDonald actually deserving of the heave-ho from Idol? Sound off below ...


I really like Jacob. He is a natural to be considered a part of the final three. Lets not judge him according to his beliefs or our beliefs, but if we judge him let it be according to his ability as a singer. I love his voice and hope he wins it all.


best of luck to all!!!! i hope scotty wins, i love country, i love his deep dark voice, very misterious tones. keep up the good work, lauren would be my second choice to win, good luck!!!!! this is the best american idol i have seen so far, sooooo much talent to these beautiful singers, your all a winner!!!!!


Only Sinatra came closest to bringing the best out of "Youll Never Walk Alone". I believe he sang it like a Roy Orbison balad but only Jacob Lusk could best Sinatra with that song. Yet the coaches very wrongly told Jacob that that song is way too corney and they lied to block Jacob from winning the top spot !


I hope stefano next week will not be in bottom anymore. Pls voters help stefano to save in every week. Thanks.


Stefano is great! And sooo cute. Casey against Hailey, or with her..sounded weak..her true talent came through(on Thursday night)..but i still like Lauren better! Also, Jacob when singing with Stephano and the other dude wasn't all that! i preferred Stefano!!


Scotty never rocks...he looks like he's having a bowel movement when he sings...especially, Thursday night. And he holds the microphone like he's holding a flute..something is definetly not right with this dude,he's not an American Idol!!


Love Scotty!! All the best to you! Hope you beat Stefano LOL


For me thats right, paul is worth to go home but stefano not, he is already start to shine and develop his voice. I hope america will always safe him and add more vote with him and forget about Pia anymore his no longer part of the contest, let us idolized the remaining contestatnt.. Good luck all of them.


Stefano and Jacob both should have gone before Paul. Glad JLo got him to sing Maggie Mae. I'll miss him on the show and be glad to see him back here in Nashville.


jillian what do you know you dont even have a decent mouth on you i love scotty and i think you will see him go to the top


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