American Idol Results Stunner: Who Went Home?

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The first two elimination rounds of American Idol featured the surprising save of Casey Abrams, followed by a double ouster of Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia.

Was the third contestant voted off tonight someone we expected, or did the voters have another surprise up their sleeves after Wednesday's performances?

Most pundits felt the Bottom Three would be made of Jacob Lusk, Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone. Two out of the three did in fact land there. But ...

The third member of the trio in danger was someone no one saw coming, and not only did that person land in the bottom three, they're the one going home!

Follow the jump to see which finalist left American Idol tonight ...

Pia Toscano was shockingly sent packing by voters this week!

American Idol viewers eliminated their fifth consecutive female singer tonight, leaving Jacob, Stefano, the judges and plenty of fans beyond shocked.

Many considered Pia to not just be safe tonight, but to have given Wednesday's best performance and to be almost a lock for the Season 10 finals.

Pia Toscano on Idol

"What a shock, what a surprise," Ryan Seacrest said amid boos.

Jennifer Lopez could not even hold back the tears. "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't even know what to say."

"A mistake is one thing, but a lack of passion is unforgivable," Steven Tyler added, upset and nearly at a loss for words himself. "They're wrong."

"We're all in shock," said Randy Jackson. "I'm gutted."

Think they're regretting that save of Casey Abrams?!

After her swan song (The Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You"), Pia Toscano broke down and was given a standing ovation from all, with many in tears.

What do you think? Did America really blow it this week, or was Pia actually deserving of the heave-ho? Sound off in the comments ...


Pia And James Were My Pick From The Start ,What Has happened To Idol,The Best Is Not To Come


This is ridiculous! haley was bottom how many times and in one moment James is gone..we all know that he will get a great deal and move forward these others acotty lauren are too cliche and haley well no comment she sat there smiling and giggling while James sang his heart out...just like past top ten idols i beleive james will make it big..thats true talent...american idol for me the season is now over..thru talk is how i will know who wins...


JAMES WAS THE BEST very very discourged in american IDOL


hailey is the worst it sould have been her leaving im just thankful it wasnt scotty he is the best


america made a big mistake tonite. it should of been james and scotty. those two guys are the american idols. the girls just arent ready yet. if the guys ever come to louisville kentucky for concert i will be there


This show needs to be judged by professionals ONLY! It is apparent America does not know talent! Or should I say little girls that blow up their phones to vote for "the cute boy". This happens every year. So little girls keep doing what your doing and there will be no more American Idol! This show was founded on amatuer talent excelling, thats not what its about any more!!! This show is now untollerable to watch. The judging needs to be left up to professionals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Makes me wonder this year are people really voting at the rate they profess...those other three are no match for James...Lauren maybe...scotty and Haley suck....


I am not even gonna watch the rest of the season.. How in the world could James have been sent home when he had the most talent next to Lauren. Scotty was getting boring and Haley just isn't that great. Apparently the viewing crowd and voting crowd are all tween's and little teenager girls who just vote for the young guy... There is no point even watching the show anymore...They should change it to doesn't matter if you have a great voice or amazing talent.


This is my last viewing. There is no way Haley should still be on this show. She would be good on a cruise ship or lounge show not a recording artist. Wonder how the voting really is counted


When a no talent kid like Scotty can beat out a James have to know that something needs to change. The public cannot vote. Of course then they cannot tell their sponsors that they had 55 million votes. Color me gone......

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