American Idol Results Stunner: Who Went Home?

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The first two elimination rounds of American Idol featured the surprising save of Casey Abrams, followed by a double ouster of Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia.

Was the third contestant voted off tonight someone we expected, or did the voters have another surprise up their sleeves after Wednesday's performances?

Most pundits felt the Bottom Three would be made of Jacob Lusk, Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone. Two out of the three did in fact land there. But ...

The third member of the trio in danger was someone no one saw coming, and not only did that person land in the bottom three, they're the one going home!

Follow the jump to see which finalist left American Idol tonight ...

Pia Toscano was shockingly sent packing by voters this week!

American Idol viewers eliminated their fifth consecutive female singer tonight, leaving Jacob, Stefano, the judges and plenty of fans beyond shocked.

Many considered Pia to not just be safe tonight, but to have given Wednesday's best performance and to be almost a lock for the Season 10 finals.

Pia Toscano on Idol

"What a shock, what a surprise," Ryan Seacrest said amid boos.

Jennifer Lopez could not even hold back the tears. "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't even know what to say."

"A mistake is one thing, but a lack of passion is unforgivable," Steven Tyler added, upset and nearly at a loss for words himself. "They're wrong."

"We're all in shock," said Randy Jackson. "I'm gutted."

Think they're regretting that save of Casey Abrams?!

After her swan song (The Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You"), Pia Toscano broke down and was given a standing ovation from all, with many in tears.

What do you think? Did America really blow it this week, or was Pia actually deserving of the heave-ho? Sound off in the comments ...


I agree with kelly and jim, whats happening is all the little"teeny boppers" girls 12-13year olds are flooding in the votes for whos the cutist and aint got a clue what talent and singing are all about.Scotty looks like the guy on "mad magazine" cover "Alfred newman" lol.Have a chosen panel of judges for last 5-10 contestants.


Well, American Idol is over for me this season. I cannot believe
James was voted off - he was just so fantastic! and I'm sort of
an old person!! What a showman.....he will go on to do great
things but I do agree with all the other comments.....Haley should have been gone a long time ago. PCP


I'm never watching American Idol again. If people are not going to be honest and vote for true talent then it's not worth my time.


I think someone didn't count the votes right. James should have won , i am never watching idol again. It should be one vote not who can push redial the most. the look on seacrests face i think he enjoyed hurting james. I hope someone out there signs james to a huge contract.


Typical chicago election? haley the worst of the lot and pia,james,and jacob voted off. if u know anyone from the south side of chgo. ck their facebook sites "haley,haley,haley... no talent


I think that Hailey was going to be voted off last night. I was amazed to see James and Scotty to be the last 2 standing. But i do think Scotty is a much better singer than James. Scotty has never missed a note throughout american idol.


I think this whole season was ridiculous already. It's a sham this voting. When the most talented keep getting voted off, then what is this show all about. Between Pia [the best of the bunch being voted off] and now second best James, this show isn't about talent anymore. It's a popularity contest. Shame on them. I had it with idol.


What the suck of haley!!!... why she is still in?... why James out? there must have something went wrong!...wakeup voters, vote for the best!!!


I just don't believe it!!! Haley is the most ungracious contestant I've seen in a long time. She sits there on that golden stool last night looking like "yeah I belong here because I'm so gorgeous and the best they've got!" There is only 1 way she keeps getting voted on and that's her looks. Her and that little boyfriend of her's must sit on the phone voting for her over and over. YUK!


Everyone knows Haley should have been out the door several weeks ago, she has done one good performance,and it wasn't great, she sounds like a dog growling,that show should be removed from the airwaves

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