American Idol Power Rankings: James' Game to Lose?

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The Voice premiere was fun, but it's back to business on Fox tonight.

With the top six on tap to perform tonight, THG's American Idol Power Rankings break down who we like this week and who we think is likely to go home.

Of course, who we think leads and lags means little in the end (we called Stefano, but that was easy), but it's fun to try our hand at predicting the show.

Take a look at how we size up the field and see if you agree:

Heating Up Idol

Can anyone match the fire of James Durbin?

1. James Durbin. Week in and week out he strikes us as the best. Then again, so did Adam Lambert, and he lost the title in a shocker. So no guarantees.

2. Lauren Alaina. The anti-girl bias is working hard against her, but she's shown no signs of fading and giving fans a reason to kick her out. Thus far.

3. Scotty McCreery. Falls from #1 in last week's rankings after a mediocre effort. But he's still got the chops, and more importantly, the female votes.

4. Casey Abrams. A step above Haley and Jacob, but a small-ish step.

5. Haley Reinhart. Four times in the bottom three so far in the finals for Hails. The only other one who can claim that is ... Stefano Langone. Bad sign.

6. Jacob Lusk. Living on borrowed time for a while now. The only question is whether the producers sabotage him again. Just kidding. Mostly.

How do you size up the competition? Leave a comment and tell us!


James is loud.


Finally a list that has put James Durbin at #1!! Thank you! For me, that's where he belongs. Every week he has upped his game, and brought excitement and artistic vision to the Idol stage. James is in it to win it, and I sure hope he does! I'm dialing my fingers off for him every week. Go James!


People listen with your ears and not your eyes. James Durbin is an average singer. He is consistantly pitchy and still insists on putting his shrill high notes in everywhere he can. If you really think he did a good job with Uprising you need to go listen to Muse sing it. Please quit comparing his to Adam Lambert. Adam always had control of his singing and James Durbin doesn't come close to having the control and vocal talent of Adam. Durbin hasn't had a single performance that will be remember for his singing.


James should win - he's an amazing talent. Jacob should go this week (I hope).


I love James Durban. He is such an amazingly talented singer and showman. The ladies pale in comparison to Scotty And Casey. I DO THINK IT IS Jame's to win. ALL THE REMAINING SINGERS ARE VERY TALENTED. Pia had the vocals but she was so stiff on stage. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine another Celine Dion. Scotty's going to be successful regardless with his Country Swagger. Casey and his Bass will go far, too. It has been an amazing season so far. I just hope JAMES STAYS TRUE TO amazing.


James is definitely the best singer on the show right now, I just hope he stays humble because if he gets too cocky that is when he will get voted off.

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