American Idol Fans Petition For Pia Toscano Return, Demand Stefano Langone Leave Competition

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Irate American Idol fans are bombarding the show and Fox after the elimination of Pia Toscano, demanding that the singer be allowed back on this week.

To make room for her, they also demand Stefano Langone remove himself from Idol, since, not to put too fine a point on it, he sucks and has no shot.

They've reached out to him in an effort to plead this case.

Their VOTES, which actually determine the results of this reality TV competition show, could have ensured this last week, of course. Details.

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American Idol insiders say that hundred of fans have been begging Fox to halt the grave injustice of kicking their girl off the show, and to bend the rules. 

The fans' message is simple. Stefano has no chance and should be removed now as a sacrificial lamb so that the more talented Pia Toscano can return.

Nothing like this has happened before on Idol, and no way it's going to in this case, you have to admire their dedication to Pia (albeit a week too late).

Idol already instituted the judges' save last season, too, for just such an occasion. Too bad J. Lo, RJ and Steve blew it on Casey Abrams weeks earlier.


This is a tough call. With Pia being voted off the show you wonder if it damaged her, or with her being off the stage now damage the show more. What I picked up on was the judges reactions. They were just like the rest of us. Although I like all the kids on the show Pia would have been one of the last ones that I thought would have left the show, if in fact she didn’t win the whole Thing. Just like when Adam lost a couple of years ago the Judges couldn’t control their emotions, because they thought he would win. I don’t believe that the show will carry as many viewer from now on this year, which is a shame because there is a lot of talent still preforming. Next year I would think that due to Pia’s situation with the show and being voted off the the structure of the show will be changed and the judges will have the final say in who goes and who stays.


This would not be a fair choice to bring Pia back if they reverse the voters choice. if all the people who wanted her to win and she was near the top she would'nt have gotten voted off if they brought her back then when another favorite gets the ax there fans would do the same and i feel it would then be the end of idol all together i hope they do not bring her back. thats my opinion only I do hope Haley gets the boot her fake smiling face makes me sick and she can't sing but she too has fans so vote for your favorite every week they could be next

Patsy collins hood

Just because Pia is out....leave Stefano alone. Get rid of that growling chick Haley. She gets on my nerves. She can't sing a note. She only growls! Jacob should be the winner. Pia should be a beauty queen.


I also like Pia.
But shouldn't say like this , i mean for Stefano. He also a good singer too.
i feel so sorry for Stefano.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stefanoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
I'm with U!


Pia was voted off because of her attitude. She is arrogant and cocky. She is a good singer and will do well even without winning American Idol. She needs to adjust her attitude, she is not a good people person. I don't think they should bring her back. She lost per the public vote and that is it. Stefano is just as good as her, according to the vote, better.


America voted right! Pia sucks! Sure she can sing but so can all of the other contestant. Yes she is pretty and she knows it. Unfortunately, Pia is too arrogant and it shows whenever she went on stage. Pia acted cocky because I believe she thought she was going to be the winner. Thats why they had to bring in the paramedics because Pia couldn't believe she was voted off. News Flash to all celebrities who thought American voters didn't do Pia justice; Nobody is going to buy her boring ballad music!!!


The thing is, that we Pia fans wanted to see her take the whole american Idol ride, she deserves to be seen & watched. She is definitely a great singer. If Nigel says she was never a front runner, then who was? The guys? There we go again with the majority of the voters being female. I was so upset that she got voted off. I'm hearing a lot of people say that there was problems with calling in to vote. Wasn't there technical problems with the day Casey performed as well, I remember the other year when there was a problem with mixing up the numbers, nobody went home. Can't we chalk up Casey's save to technical difficulties so the save will still be in play... SAVE PIA!!! It would be so great for Idol to still that pot... Bring back Pia!!! She deserves it!!!


That could hurt Stefano's feelings. I mean c'mon. It's the fault of the fans, they didn't vote a lot. TROLOLOLOL =)) Though, I'm a fan of Pia, it's fine with me because she has a record deal already :D


Jennifer Hudson came in 7th and look where she ended up. Pia will be fine.


Why The Hell Are Fans Complaning Its no big deal She Got Voted Of Thats How It Works..Im A Fan Of Her To Its Not Stefano's Fault She Got voted Of Sirously And She Alreadyy Got A Record deal ...So Leave Stefano Alone Its Not His Danm Fault...

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