American Idol Fans Petition For Pia Toscano Return, Demand Stefano Langone Leave Competition

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Irate American Idol fans are bombarding the show and Fox after the elimination of Pia Toscano, demanding that the singer be allowed back on this week.

To make room for her, they also demand Stefano Langone remove himself from Idol, since, not to put too fine a point on it, he sucks and has no shot.

They've reached out to him in an effort to plead this case.

Their VOTES, which actually determine the results of this reality TV competition show, could have ensured this last week, of course. Details.

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American Idol insiders say that hundred of fans have been begging Fox to halt the grave injustice of kicking their girl off the show, and to bend the rules. 

The fans' message is simple. Stefano has no chance and should be removed now as a sacrificial lamb so that the more talented Pia Toscano can return.

Nothing like this has happened before on Idol, and no way it's going to in this case, you have to admire their dedication to Pia (albeit a week too late).

Idol already instituted the judges' save last season, too, for just such an occasion. Too bad J. Lo, RJ and Steve blew it on Casey Abrams weeks earlier.


Pia is talented and the record deal she already has is all she needs. (She can;t confirm at this point based on some of the Idol rules.) This year we have a pretty talented group overall. As for Stephano-- leave the guy alone. It's not his fault that Pia did not get the votes to stay. Stephano needs some guidance and help with performance issues, but the guy can sing and is in tune more than most of the remaining contestants. A stupid petition to bring a contestant back because some griping fans are unhappy? Ridiculous!


I was one of those men in a bar voting for Pia. All contestants are realy good. How does one choose.


The Pia's of Idol will never make it as long as AT&T does not put a limit on the number of texts the Teenie girls get. It's so obvious they are voting for the cutest guy, not the talent. Dancing with the Stars needs to give them direction on voting. They have a better system. If it's any consellation, remember when Daughtry was eliminated early in the show? Look where he is now Pia. Keep going girlfriend- you've got the talent.


Well, I would love to see those results that they never show, it's always a record vote but no show, Ryan should let the fans across the world see those results, cause I think Pia got robed of her moment of fame, Bring Pia back I say


I find it hard to believe america decided Pia was not worthy of the American Idol title...She is by far the best singer the show has ever had and that includes Carrie Underwood. Pia I hope your reading deserve better and your career will soar without the title. In fact you will probably do better! You go girl...we love you here in Florida!


I agree with Tom Hanks - Pia Off the show - I'm done watching!! It's not a singing competition - it's a little girls (who's the cutest guy contest)!!! I think their jealousy of her being absolutely Gorgeous and Perfect did't help either!! Cockey ?! I watched every Idol show and never found a sweeter girl then Pia. She had way too much class for that group. On the other hand, I'm not sure I even believe this whole voting thing - Someone was out to sign her right away!!


For me, d result is fair and correct so u dont need to petition d results, and dont let Stefano to be out beside that, that is not his fault its an actual results. So, Stefano is also talented and have a good voice. So, im proud that Stefano was saved and still in d competition. Thanks God and good luck to all d contestants and im still very loyal to American Idol' i like all the remaining contestant and u must proud all of them. Thats a good results.


Good luck Pia! It is unfortunate that you didn't get enough votes. Chalk it up to "when one door closes, another (possibly even better) one opens." You have a beautiful voice.


Very hard for pia fr accept d result 'coz she too much confident of herself that shes going to win but remember this is a votation, nobody is safe even if u are good singer. So leave stefano continue d competion, he is also good singer.


I think u dont need to insult or embarass d person to leave the competition, thats not her fault its a votation and leave stefano to continue d American Idol, hes also a good singer and for Pia accept d truth that u were eliminated already no need to write a petition. Good luck to all singers and i love American Idol without Pia.

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