American Idol Fans Petition For Pia Toscano Return, Demand Stefano Langone Leave Competition

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Irate American Idol fans are bombarding the show and Fox after the elimination of Pia Toscano, demanding that the singer be allowed back on this week.

To make room for her, they also demand Stefano Langone remove himself from Idol, since, not to put too fine a point on it, he sucks and has no shot.

They've reached out to him in an effort to plead this case.

Their VOTES, which actually determine the results of this reality TV competition show, could have ensured this last week, of course. Details.

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American Idol insiders say that hundred of fans have been begging Fox to halt the grave injustice of kicking their girl off the show, and to bend the rules. 

The fans' message is simple. Stefano has no chance and should be removed now as a sacrificial lamb so that the more talented Pia Toscano can return.

Nothing like this has happened before on Idol, and no way it's going to in this case, you have to admire their dedication to Pia (albeit a week too late).

Idol already instituted the judges' save last season, too, for just such an occasion. Too bad J. Lo, RJ and Steve blew it on Casey Abrams weeks earlier.


OK, so Pia is no doubt the best singer on Idol since Carrie Underwood, and maybe even better than her. The Idol winners aren't guaranteed a place in the industry. Who cares who the teenie boppers vote in as idol winner. The big problem here is that the show allows an unlimited amount of votes from any source. Not like "America has talent" which did not. Give each phone number only 5 votes, then the teenie girls can't rule the show so much. As it is, the (yawn) Casey country singer dude will probably win. Heaven help us! Could anyone be more arrogant?


You know, the exec. producer of the show Ken Warwick admitted that the voting skews toward male contestants. About 75% of the votes are for the guys teenage girls think are cute. They don't care about the girls. Pia has true talent, and I definitely think that the votes got screwed up and someone hacked into the voting system


You know Pia is very talented but if she didn't get enough votes, it is not Stephano's fault. She really could sing good but you-all don't have to hurt his feelings, and if they let her come back it would not be right to every body else that has been voted off, so leave it alone. If they let her come back I would never watch it again because you have to be fair and I know the judges was upset but I saw the way they looked and I know Stephano did. Well I didn't vote for either of them but lets keep it fair.


If YOU Pia fans spent the same amount voting as you are petitioning, then Pia would have not been voted off!


it's stuff like this that gets me fired up. After what people are doing to him... I'm starting a campaign to get as many people as I can to vote for Stefano! He deserves to be there for much longer.And unlike Pia's fans I'm gonna BUST my ASS for him!


Pia Toscano definitely had more class than the majority of people on Idol. You had finally captured an older audience and talent like Miss Toscano kept me for one coming back each week. I feel like Stefano received votes by mistake, because anyone who is not tone deaf would know he has a lot of work ahead of him to make a great album that will fly off of the shelves. However I would run out as soon as possible to buy Pia 's album. I'm done with IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!


WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stephano is a good singer so what if pia left she got a contract didn'nt she. Stephano has a voice, they need to leave it alone what's done is done get over it!


The elimination of Pia has reduced the show to a Glee contest. She is already a professional and possesssed too much class and poise compared to the remaining. Each week she successivley performed better. All others save James are inconsistent, Jimmy saying that Lauren was better than Miley? She, Scotty,Stefano Jaocb are laborious to watch at lest James is there to make the show interesting, Casey is not nearly as good as Casy James of last year, but gets accolades, The judges are just to ogenerous with praise, except with Pia, I guess they had to neutralize her star quality somehow.
I wish Pia would come back, but it would only illustrate how far in front she was, Nigel doesn't know his own show, but that was apparent when he let Simon go


Leave Stephano alone. He is a good performer and has sang his heart out. Speaking of heart, he has a big one. You can see it in his expression when he is left standing beside the one going home. Every week he endures this but keeps smiling and giving all he has. He has won my heart. People should be ashamed to hurt someone like that - to ask him to step down for Pia. I am sure she would not want that.



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