Alcoholic Monkeys Wreak Havoc on Caribbean

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In old, random and fairly hilarious news, you gotta see this video of Vervet Monkeys developing a taste for alcohol and ganking people's drinks in the Caribbean.

Unlike some videos we've posted (such as this baby trashing a bar), this one's legit, coming to us from the BBC's Weird Nature, which spotlighted the primates.

When you think of vacationing in a tropical paradise, sipping cocktails by the beach or the pool probably comes to mind. Apparently it does for these guys too ...


My friend alma has a cute little male monkey. It didnt come from the carribean but it could live there since it cant live in serbia. Its has curly little monkey hair and beautiful brown monkey skin. it has wiped out her civilization of the omanovic landfill holes that where monkeys were being destroyed in pennyslvania woods. Now, my friend alma is helping the omanovics bring the monkey civilazation back and taken away the omanovic landfill holes that are not helping the world breed monkeys fast enough. I love the albino drunk monkeys that make more dark monkeys to take away the bad genes of drunken albino monkeys.


LOL that was cute yo!


That was hysterical. It made my day. I love how they look around when they steal the drinks to see if anyone is looking. The drunk monkeys were priceless.

Diaper sweat

If I caught one of these liquored-up monkeys stealing my hooch I'd peel its hide off and roast it alive over an open flame.