Adam Lambert with Facial Hair: Love It or Hate It?

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The Broadway musical Sister Act premiered last night, as celebrities gathered on the red carpet for a performance based on a movie of the same name.

But one singer stood out from among the other stars lined up for photographers. That's what happens when Adam Lambert rocks a mustache and goatee.

Accompanied by friend Sauli Koskinen, the former American Idol finalist looked quite comfortable with the whiskers. But should he have? Study the look below and sound off now.

Adam Lambert's New Look

What do you think of Adam Lambert's facial hair?



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i love him with on facial hair, he looks way hotter with on facial hair.


maybe if he was plying a pirate the stash and gotee,lol
,but with the eye liner it's a bit much.
he's gorgeous enough without it.
any way you look at it -
Adam looks so hot!!!


Oh how insecure all you haters must be with your own life when you have to make fun of people, still haven't gotten over when you were bullied yourself huh?!


Ditto Johnny. Adam is a loser, and never had a career in music. He'll end up sucking d%$# on the blvd for $20 a b-job by end of the year. What a freak!!!!!!! Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha


Adam is a complete homo and love to suck 8====D~~~~


He looks hot as always,but I must say he reminds me of a pirate and vampire-can't him:*


If he's gonna have facial hair, he needs to do without the eyeliner....that man is gorgeous and I so wish he wasnt gay lol


The bottom line is adam is so freaking gorgeous with or without the facial hair. It's no big deal people- It won't last and then he will do something else that will stir controversy. Lets just get adam to 1 million twitter followersl I just don't want him to shave his whole head, then I'll freak out lol. Love the man for WHO is his, not how he looks although that helps- I don't know anyone in my life as hot as adam is IMO


I don't like all that hair. It's gross. Not to mention that eye liner has gotta go. I just don't think he's cute at all. That's my opinion!!


With or without facial hair ADAM is still ADAM ... handsome .. kind .. Mega talented .. caring & generous ... loves to keep US fans guessing but also keeps US informed via Twitter ... I LOVE ADAM no matter what he decides to try ... style .. looks ... music genre!! He's still ADAM!!! If HE'S happy ... that's good enough for me!!