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On one (crazy) hand, Charlie Sheen has referred to his first edition of Sheen's Korner as "a shameful trainwreck filled with blind, cuddly puppies."

On the other (totally insane) hand, the actor has released a second version of his UStream show and says it's "already engraved into the pantheon of the movement." What movement, you ask? Seriously, don't ask.

In the 13-minute video below, Sheen is by himself, smoking and seemingly talking to an associate about the second episode of the Korner. It appears as if the man on the other line is unaware that this actually is the second episode, while Sheen assures him: There's one side to me and it's gnarly.

Don't question any of it. Just watch:

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This is bad, real bad! I'm tellin' u from experience, I've seen this before n he's having a nervous brakedown n if someone doesn't step in now then there's goin' 2 be some serious consequences, like him hurtin' himself or someone else! Stop watchin' it people n just jump in n lock him up! PLEASE!


Haha.. even with 'Helper Bob' he can't make a entertaining show-- #BeggingCharlie "Cut off his face and wear it" -- And people don't think he said he was going to chop off Brooke's head and send it to her mother in a box?


Shameful Train Wreck #PART DEUX


UU r burnt notice I didnt solo the u , take ur money and shove it up your assole. Goof!


Charlie Needs professional help. He will hit bottom pretty soon. It is obvious that he is losing weight and looking unhealthy. This situation is nothing to joke about- it is serious and dangerous stuff. Hope he is careful and surrounded by safe and trusted friends.I am praying for his safety and recovery.


What a loser


Lock Sheen up and send him to psych ward. He is psychotic and mentally ill and should lose his gun privileges because he could seriously hurt someone.

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