Victoria Prince: Knocked Up By K-Fed!

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With Britney Spears making her return to the spotlight today, ex-husband Kevin Federline has also found himself back in the news.

Sources tell E! Online that K-Fed's long-term girlfriend, Victoria Prince, is pregnant with the couple's first baby. She's about five months along and the pair is "totally happy" about it, an insider claims.

Victoria and K-Fed

Despite appearances, Victoria Prince - NOT Kevin Federline - is the one reportedly expecting.

If true, this child will be Federline's fifth overall. He has two with Shar Jackson and two sons, Sean and Jayden, with Britney. Most of that clan actually united two weeks ago for a Little League game.


He better think about collecting paychecks from an actual JOB instead of collecting children at this point.


Why would this idiot want more children??? Oh wait, he has Britney to support him & his right? Does he even have a job? My guess, this gal must not much smarter than he is. Happy to be having a baby with a guy w/ no job who already has 4 children & is solely supported by his ex wife. Congrats to the lovely couple.


EEWW another kid huh?? How many baby mama's does this looser have??

Jill taylor

Are you sure it isn't Kevin who is pregnant...? He's looking a little chunky! He's gross. She is apparently delusional...


I agree with insaneeee. 5 kids with 3 different mothers. What is he thinking?? Obviously he's not thinking. THese poor children in single parent homes. I thank God everyday that I had a mom and dad all under one happy roof as a family. That is all I can gain out of this, that I am grateful for what I have.


will this dude stop making children all around?

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