Victoria Jackson to Glee: Stop Making Kids Gay!

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Victoria Jackson is at it again - and no one who stands in the way of Jesus Christ is safe!

A couple days after slamming Glee for airing a kiss between two male students, the former Saturday Night Live star appeared on Showbiz Tonight yesterday and didn't shy away from her opinion.

Isn't it possible, after all, that such a storyline helps kids struggling in similar situations?

"It's not helping," says Jackson. "They should have a celibacy campaign and tell kids that 50 percent of teenagers now have this new STD from oral sex. That's what they should try to be doing instead of trying to make kids gay."

The so-called comedian says she is not homophobic... just confused.

"I just want to know why the liberals are pro-Muslim and pro-gay. Muslims kill gays. That's what's confusing to me. And the only thing I can come up with is the Muslims hate God and the gays hate His word."

Overall, Jackson sums up her beliefs thusly:

"This culture is affecting our children and making them run away from Jesus Christ. God can't bless this nation if we are spitting in his face."

When it comes to Glee and gay characters kissing on TV, readers, does Jackson have a point? Is this an example of "one-way tolerance?"


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So what if they kissed! People kiss EVERYDAY, including people who like the same sex!! Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you can go out and attack a show that shows what actually happens in real life and the struggles of life. And why bring the Bible into this? I get that Christians don't like the way gay people are, but in life, you're not going to like everything that happens. And maybe if people stopped looking at a religious standpoint, you could see that they love just like others do. So why can't we just accept the fact that LOVE is LOVE and stop making a huge deal over something like this!?!?


I have a very close gay friend who struggled for years to come to terms with the fact that gay is just the way he was made. That god was not somehow punishing him for something and that he was not going to burn in hell. He is one of the best people I have ever known and when I think of anti gay rants like Jacksons and the effects words like that had on my friend and many others it makes me sick. People tend to hate and fear things they don't understand,things that are just a little to diffrent are threatening to those with closed minds. Some people just need so badly to feel superior to others that they label others in an effort to appear "normal". And some people are just wackjobs (Jackson!). Anyone else think she is starting to sound like Glen Beck,weaving conspiracy theories out of thin air? Put a blackboard behind her and have her cry about how much she loves this country and they could be best buddies.


A SIN IS A SIN IS A SIN...IS A F***ING SIN...Sins are created on a level that allows us to know what sins are according to the readings of religious bodies. I am a christian and a sinner and lesbian. It's not a life to live if we don't sin. We are given free will to be allowed to express ourselves and live a life to learn from. Judging us because we prefer to live a homosexual lifestyle isn't Christian because the teachings of Jesus teach unconditional love no matter who you are or what you do. As taken from an earlier post "as a test of humanity's ability to reach true spiritual growth through challenges that ask them to them to love, not hate. " So live with it, love us, don't try to change us and let what will happen happen.


It's a damn good thing our laws in this country aren't based on the Christian religion. She sounds like a Christian Jihadist.


How can anyone claim to know what "God" thinks? If one exists, how could we read its mind when we can't read each others? What gives some people this special knowledge and not others? Because I certainly can't say I know what God thinks and what God hates and what God does not hate. Anyone who claims to know immediately loses all credibility for anything they say that follows. Simple.


I totally support Victoria Jackson and I am so proud that she has the guts to stand up for, not her opinion, but what GOD says. God loves the homosexual, but hates the sin. So should we. God made the rules, we didn't. Anyone who stands up against homosexuality does it out of LOVE for the person. Facts prove it is a lifestyle that leads to death. If we love people we have to tell them what is wrong so they can know the truth and be set free from sin. Jesus is the answer.


Wow, are we STILL fighting about this issue? Really? It's always the same arguments over and over again on both sides of "gay issue". I also don't understand why her comments are getting people so heated; they are the mindless ramblings of a clearly uneducated and uninformed person who has NO political or social relevance whatsoever. Just ignore her and move on


Funny, watching all those hetero kisses for all those years STILL couldn't turn me straight. Wonder why it only works one way, Victoria???


Why is a 51 year old speaking like a toddler? She’s touched at best, but most likely developmentally disabled, bless her heart


I watch Glee weekly. Love the show but because of some radical that I seriously have never heard of I have seen the kiss over and over on T.V. today . If you dont like the show change the channel.The show deals with alot of real life problems teenagers deal with everyday.I am a Christian also but I am offended by people who want to shove their beliefs down my throat.