Victoria Jackson to Glee: Stop Making Kids Gay!

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Victoria Jackson is at it again - and no one who stands in the way of Jesus Christ is safe!

A couple days after slamming Glee for airing a kiss between two male students, the former Saturday Night Live star appeared on Showbiz Tonight yesterday and didn't shy away from her opinion.

Isn't it possible, after all, that such a storyline helps kids struggling in similar situations?

"It's not helping," says Jackson. "They should have a celibacy campaign and tell kids that 50 percent of teenagers now have this new STD from oral sex. That's what they should try to be doing instead of trying to make kids gay."

The so-called comedian says she is not homophobic... just confused.

"I just want to know why the liberals are pro-Muslim and pro-gay. Muslims kill gays. That's what's confusing to me. And the only thing I can come up with is the Muslims hate God and the gays hate His word."

Overall, Jackson sums up her beliefs thusly:

"This culture is affecting our children and making them run away from Jesus Christ. God can't bless this nation if we are spitting in his face."

When it comes to Glee and gay characters kissing on TV, readers, does Jackson have a point? Is this an example of "one-way tolerance?"

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"We "tolerate" things out of fear of "offending" someone."
you got a big point there.that's true for many people today.


I agree TOTALLY with Ms. Jackson.America is going to H8ll in a handbasket.Homosexuality was a SIN punishable by DEATH in the old testament.You are NOT born gay,it's a CHOICE!God destroyed 2 cities for this practice,would he have done that if it wasn't wrong?The Bible PLAINLY says it is an "abomination".Come on,there's no getting around it!We "tolerate" things out of fear of "offending" someone.Well boohoo,get over it.It's time people stood up for what is right instead of following the crowd.I noticed she kept getting interrupted when she was talking about GOD,Jesus,and the Bible.What are you afraid of? GOD? You should be.


How is America the land of freedom if we don't let people express their thoughts? i'm not rooting to anyone's side here but why can’t we accept that people around us have different opinions? if she doesn't think the way she is expected to think, if she's not politically correct, that doesn't mean she's wrong. she just has a different perspective. We say we’re the land of freedom because we fight against prejudice yet don’t you feel like there are so many prejudices against Christians out there?


Only in America .... how can anybody still believe that you can "become gay" - it's not some kind of illness :O ...why are you afraid of people who are different??


if she wants glee to stop guys kissing what about pretty little liars they have two girls kissing to its a shame that we judge people whatever happen to thats saying don't judge the book by its cover i guess everyone forget about that so now we are like judge what people do just because you are famouse?


why do you say she's a hater? where do you see hate in her words? i'm on no one's side here but really, she seems calm to me. she's just expressing her disapproval of other's people's actions, she's not instigating to anything.
Do you really see her angry and diabolical as you say? If so, how does a normal person look to you?


@Jason: Probably most of them. I don't see why any "loser" would not just lie and say he was gay. The taunts, bullying and lack of equal rights given to homosexuals have often forced me to consider going this route just to fit in. I'm just glad there's someone with your level of tolerance out there to show Liberals where they have gone wrong.


Me to Victoria Jackson: Stop being a douchebag.


Good for her to stand up for her right of opinion, im tired of pretty much nothing being on tv but smut and usual starting off a series conservative only to always eventually become a freak circus, The biggest problem with the world today is accepting everything with no moral standards.


I wonder how many "gay" people are pretending just to fit in. Losers who are looking for group, so they pretend to be gay. Liberals are so angry and intolerant. Just a bunch of delusional monkeys.