Victoria Jackson to Glee: Stop Making Kids Gay!

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Victoria Jackson is at it again - and no one who stands in the way of Jesus Christ is safe!

A couple days after slamming Glee for airing a kiss between two male students, the former Saturday Night Live star appeared on Showbiz Tonight yesterday and didn't shy away from her opinion.

Isn't it possible, after all, that such a storyline helps kids struggling in similar situations?

"It's not helping," says Jackson. "They should have a celibacy campaign and tell kids that 50 percent of teenagers now have this new STD from oral sex. That's what they should try to be doing instead of trying to make kids gay."

The so-called comedian says she is not homophobic... just confused.

"I just want to know why the liberals are pro-Muslim and pro-gay. Muslims kill gays. That's what's confusing to me. And the only thing I can come up with is the Muslims hate God and the gays hate His word."

Overall, Jackson sums up her beliefs thusly:

"This culture is affecting our children and making them run away from Jesus Christ. God can't bless this nation if we are spitting in his face."

When it comes to Glee and gay characters kissing on TV, readers, does Jackson have a point? Is this an example of "one-way tolerance?"


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Yeah I've seen enough Glee shows to see all their snide - if sometimes subtle - religion/Christian/conservative smearing. I really wasn't surprised though. It's what the liberal kids enjoy these days. Every time I see the show I feel like I'm in the middle of some liberal/atheist/gay pride parade. You're here, you're queer, religiophobic, politically partisan, etc. I suppose it's still entertainment, if not how they intended it.


how ridiculously


First of all lying is a sin, so unless any of you can say you've never lied then you should probably shut your mouth about sinning, second of all who are you to say what sins are worse then others?? God, considers them all the same! The bible also says "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." It's no ones job but God's to place judgement. I have to say I agree with Ann, it's people like Ms. Jackson, and all of you that give Christians a bad rap.


WTF is wrong with you people there is nothing wrong with two guys kissing you cant stop them from being who they are, if they want to be gay, it shouldnt matter to you cause guess what you dont F**** control their life. Ms.Jackson needs to shut the H** up cause she is a stupid A** person that thinks if you dont follow anything in the bible that you will go to h** well newsflash, your not holy either lady.........NO ONE we are all going to hell....and its ppl like her that make gay kids not wanna be themself for judging them and treating them like there freaks.........You need to realize that gays/lesbian/bi's and transexual are not goin to go away just cuz you dont like them.....and since you think that god is the creator and almighty whatever the F*** then why are there gays and lesbian ect......Hmmmmmmmm???? You need to get over yourself cuz your not perfect either!!!! AND IM SURE DAMN WELL HAPPY TO BE GAY!!!!


Why is anyone still listening to this washed-up, no-talent has-been? It's so obvious that everything she says is an attempt to get attention and revive her career, which never was anything to write home about. Go away, now, Vic. Your 2.75 minutes of fame are over and long, long gone.


man fuck victoria jackson, shes bitter she has no career and did too much coke and anal in the 80s now she's lonely so she's giving jesus a bj for some love and attention SOMEONE MUST LOVE ME! yknow she got battered woman syndrome written all over her


it's true the bible says we shouldn't judge others but it also said we should stand against what is wrong.and homosexuality is not a right thing.the relationship between man and woman, with all its faults and difficulties,with all possiblle ups and downs is one of the most beautiful things god has left on earth.this universe is made of opposites:black and white,north and south,cold and hot and so on.all these are totally opposite, yet they attract each other.and it's exactly this kind of opposition that ensures the harmony of this universe.the relationship between a man and a woman is what is normal and beautiful in this world. otherwise it's twisting the normal way things go.


God doesn't hate the person but the sin.I'm not a hater of people.I'm a sinner,everyone sins everyday.It's knowingly committing a sin.I don't hate gays but I'm not going to "tolerate" sin for fear of offending someone.We worry so much about offending people but don't care if we're offending God.Isn't that a bit backwards.I'm going to have enough to answer for on Judgement day,I don't need to add to the list.


@ melody is why Christians get a bad rap. She sounds like a fanatical nut. As soon as I start reading about God's wrath, I tune out and I'm sure others do as well. It would be better to discuss his love and not judge others.


Yeah, because there were never any gay folk until 'Glee' came on. Ridiculous.