Vanessa Hudgens Cozies Up to Josh Hutcherson

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Vanessa Hudgens has a new tattoo... and a new man?

The actress was spotted getting cozy with Josh Hutcherson at an after-party for Beastly this week, sources tell People:

"Their arms were wrapped around each other, and they were really touchy together. They were very cute."

Vanessa Hudgens on the Red Carpet
Josh Hutcherson Picture

Hutcherson also brought Hudgens as his date to the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday night where his latest movie, The Kids Are All Right, won best screenplay.

"Josh walked Vanessa to the bathroom and then guided her to their seats with a hand on the small of her back," an onlooker told the magazine.

Hudgens and Zac Efron broke up in December, though some insiders claim they still have sex sometimes. He's also been spotted out with Teresa Palmer.


I think if he likes her he can but I also think
They could be just friends monos santanã


First Josh is to hot for vanessa.
Second they are to far in age to make sense.
I refuse to believe these two are dating cause they are smarter than that. Josh is not a jerk either.
I agree Josh is like a brother to Vanessa they wouldnt want to ruin their friendship. Josh isnt bi he is straight and nothing wrong with him. Before you guys judge a person and stuff get your facts straight. He was with his mother, he just hung with Vanessa.


zanessa forever...... ♥ them so much


Vanessa & zac look great together,no1 can seperate them. I don't like that hutcherson guy. He looks likea sick guy. Now i just want to know what she sees in him ??????


OKay, this is really dumb. They are costars and costars have to have chemistry with each other. Vanessa is not dating Josh Hutcherson. She may not say it, but deep in her heart she still loves Zac. Josh is 18 and a jerk. I read something that said he could have had something to do with Zac an Vanessa's spilt. He thinks he can just go ahead and flirt with another guy's girl. They don't look nice together. (Josh and Vanessa) Zanessa was a great couple and Josh Hutcherson had to go and ruin them. I wish Zac and Vanessa would get back together. ZANESSA ROCKS!


Dude is like 18 years old and fugly Vanessa has better taste then that I would have believed this more had you said she was hitting the sheets with Chace Crawford Josh is just her buddy hes not even cute and hes to young. She had bisexual boy for long time now she needs a real man.


Josh is like a brother to vanessa.josh came with his mother. you got to tell that.i wish you would get it right i am sick of this lie.


Josh is like a brother. beside he was with his miss that.i wish you all would get it right,

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