Usher Sex Tape: Coming Soon?!?

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He's spent years taking off his shirt and gyrating on stage, but that's nothing compared to what sources say we're about to see from Usher:

A sex tape featuring this artist and ex-wife Tameka Foster is being shopped around, sources tell TMZ.

That website claims it's actually seen footage from the alleged tape and confirms it's definitely Usher and the mother of his two kids, performing certain generous acts on one another.

Usher in France

Insiders surmise the sex tape may have been included in the items stolen from the singer's car in late 2009. At the time, Usher reported more than $1,000,000 worth of jewelry and electronics ganked.

OMG, indeed, folks. Women around the world aren't just dancing like it's the last night of their lives right now. They're dancing like they may soon see Usher naked.

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i am so pissed off. usher has too much class to let a tape of him and his ex-wife (or anybody for that matter) having sex leak out. He is way smarter then that.


Come on what's with all this Sex Tapes!! It's 2011 for goodness sake.. Shouldn't they be in Blue Ray or DvD already Tapes are sooo outdated!! LOL XD


cn't wait to see this sex tape but if it is false, the credibllity of hollywood gossip will be surly questioned.


Who the hell is usher?


I feel that this tape should not be released to the public..the acts that they are saying are on this tape are private.. and should stay that way..seeing usher naked wood be great but is not worth the aftermath that will come...Still a big FAN and always will be


My neice, who is 12, thinks Usher is IT, she loves him


EEEWWW and it's with his old fugly ex!! Agree Sara what's up with all these sex tapes huh??!!


rly a sex tape i think thats a bit far especially since its the xwife grow up who does this shit all i have to say is its just wrong in my perspective


whats up with all this damn sextape

Ashley jaquett

wow is all i have to say

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