UCLA Girl Bashes Asian Students; Jimmy Wong Responds With "Ching Chong" Song

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A white UCLA girl recently posed a fairly racist YouTube rant about Asians in the library at her school. This, understandably, prompted a barrage of responses.

None better than Jimmy Wong’s acoustic song, however. “Ching Chong (It Means I Love You)” has propelled the young singer into quasi-Internet stardom.

He's got a ways to go to catch young Rebecca Black, but Wong's reaction to Alexandra Wallace's rant about Asians disrupt campus life was an instant hit:

“The problem is these hordes of Asian people that UCLA accepts, which is fine, but if you’re going to come to UCLA, then use American manners,” she said.

After 5 million YouTube views and about as many apologies, Wallace removed the video (it's been re-posted many times) and announced she’s leaving UCLA.

Wong’s song, which begins with him speaking with a faux-Asian English accent, was the most popular of dozens of replies and contains some lyrical gems.

Follow the jump for the girl's online venting that started it all ...

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Loved the response! Showed using humour when dealing with stupidy on that level is the best response, Jimmy's song is clever and catchy!! LOVE him!!


Loved the response! Showed using humour when dealing with stupidy on that level is the best response, Jimmy's song is clever and catchy!! LOVE him!!


No need to say anything more on the girls inane stereotyping, but the response rocks, its brilliant SOooo much more clever, u have a bright future boy!!!!


Umm she was about to have an epiphany?! The only "epiphany" that this girl has ever had was when she decided that D cup breast implants looked better than C cup breast implants. *rolls eyes* People of all races do things that show a complete lack of manners. I cannot tell you how many times i've seen white people in the library, in the gym, in the book store, in the line at the grocery store talking super loud on their cell phones. I've seen black people do it, hispanic people do it, etc.. She deserves all the backlash that she's getting because part of having MANNERS is thinking about the things that you are about to say before you let them fly out of your mouth.


@Karia Name calling will never solve anything. She made a huge mistake and she is paying for it. I am a Asian and I have no malice against her rant. Great Job on Jimmy's part to help make light of a stupid situation


Wow im asian thats rude. fyi whore in the pink shirt ur ugly boobs r hanging out and u look like a fugly slut. fuck off with the asian jokes


I really hope Jimmy gets a recording contract. That young man is talented with a capital T


That is friggin awesome!! If only everyone foght with song, the world would be a better place. or at least it would sound better.