UCLA Girl Bashes Asian Students; Jimmy Wong Responds With "Ching Chong" Song

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A white UCLA girl recently posed a fairly racist YouTube rant about Asians in the library at her school. This, understandably, prompted a barrage of responses.

None better than Jimmy Wong’s acoustic song, however. “Ching Chong (It Means I Love You)” has propelled the young singer into quasi-Internet stardom.

He's got a ways to go to catch young Rebecca Black, but Wong's reaction to Alexandra Wallace's rant about Asians disrupt campus life was an instant hit:

“The problem is these hordes of Asian people that UCLA accepts, which is fine, but if you’re going to come to UCLA, then use American manners,” she said.

After 5 million YouTube views and about as many apologies, Wallace removed the video (it's been re-posted many times) and announced she’s leaving UCLA.

Wong’s song, which begins with him speaking with a faux-Asian English accent, was the most popular of dozens of replies and contains some lyrical gems.

Follow the jump for the girl's online venting that started it all ...

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Observer that, even in the most supposedly dire racist situations; Society produces a genius to make it all lighthearted.


@Guest22 I agree with you, we all have freedom of speech. And what's great it that asians are just as much racist about white people then white people are about them, what's greater is you guy don't know because you can't understand us. (Cause we speak in a different language and ya'll are dumb anyways.)


who cares? im asian n im embarrassed cuz of it
cmon lets face it
asians cause disturbances like almost EVERYWHERE.
u dont see black guys speaking jamaican in america often.
instead u hear these ching chong chickens n it stays in ur head for half a day before u can calm urself.
fuck it, i say its right for ppl lik alexandra to be offended at asians. why? cuz their BEHAVIORS resemble shitstain too. "OOOH I GOT AN A I GOT AN A A STRAIGHT A WOOOO IM SO GREAT N ALL U ASSHOES AH BENEATH ME"
look, asian community rights..whatever group u call urself bitches, if u want rights, act NORMAL like everyone else, THEN ask for 'em. its like a serial killer asking for his privacy when the cops show up at his door.


well, another case that humans tried to condemn what they are think different. if she does it on hk , prc, etc, she'll got a gangbang the next day she post this thing.


JohnnyT, who are you to judge another's culture? Traditionally, the Chinese culture has been based on interdependency, thus they deeply value the community. Furthermore, Wallace was basing her observations on biased assumptions. "You have to take responsibility for yourselves" - and who is to take responsibility for American ignorance? It is funny how historically Americans expect everyone else to "assimilate", while they lack reverence towards other cultures.


My school has at least as many asians as UCLA and I have never heard a peep from them in the library, they are great. Couldn't agree more about the parents though, some of you asian guys and gals really have to start taking responsibility for your own lives, it is honestly pretty embarrassing.


I take it you're a racist too, Guest22, like the Valley Girl wannabe bitch in the video.


What a bunch of self righteous little hobbits! There are cemeteries full of fallen heroes who died for our freedoms...as in freedom of speech. alexandra was only expressing her opinion. But, god forbid, that the pc police get offended... Ooooooooh. This self righteous mob pc mindset is nothing less than a lynching mob. A bunch of thin skinned, holier than thou zombies. Get real. Get it right... And while youre at it, stop shooting the messenger and tell the sidewalk spitting, cellphone yapping, ching chongs to shut-the-fk up in libraries.


@karie "Wow im asian thats rude. fyi whore in the pink shirt ur ugly boobs r hanging out and u look like a fugly slut. fuck off with the asian jokes" im sensing some boob jealousy.... your just upset yours are only half an A cup ps. LOL @Neshie


"He's got a ways to go to catch young Rebecca Black". Free Britney, are you kidding. Jimmy has surpassed Rebecca Black. He can sing without sounding like a robot, he can play a number of instruments. The guy has tallent in his little finger then Rebecca has in her whole body. Nice work Jimmy.

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