Twin Baby Boys Have INTENSE Discussion

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A lone baby laughing can brighten anyone's day. Twins engaging in what seems to be a spirited debate or other intense conversation? Pure comedic gold.

Wearing diapers and gesticulating wildly as they discuss the events of their day, these two boys have a lot to say, even if we'll never know what that is.

What's amazing is how long this goes on. Life sure is interesting when you're a baby boy. Watch and prepare for a healthy dose of awwws and laughs ...


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a look at those two babies,u'l knw God is realy communicatn 2 all wheda big or smal.God is so great just imagn.if d twins cn converse n undrstnd each othr,their mum should try askn them so questions abt God n nature.B.B BLACK


hey look at my foot did you take my sock?
no no no no no i didnt take your sock u lost it!
no no no no no i didnt lose it you took it! haha i wonder what they were talking about?


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