Troian Bellisario on Role of Katniss Everdeen: Yes, Please!

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With The Hunger Games casting rumor mill spinning wildly - Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss? - a young actress on a hit show wants to make it clear: she'll take the lead role!

"Katniss is such an incredible character," Troian Bellisario told E! News this week."She is in such a creatively beautiful world and such dire circumstances, but she’s also such a strong girl that’s becoming a woman and I would love to play that."

Troian Bellisario Picture

The Pretty Little Liars star hasn't auditioned, but says:

"I know that we’ve been talking to the people about at least getting me in the room. And the fans have been really supportive in my lust for that role and I just hope that they keep voicing their opinions.”

What do you think of Bellisario as Katniss? Would she be a good choice?


and yea its ur opinion but my bad im sorry i didnt read the whole thing i didnt noe bout the book part so my bad i was wrong ima have to try to read em some daii so im so sorry got the wrong thing in my head


PERFECT MATCH!!!!! I hope she gets the part!! She is such a good actress and matches katniss' description!!! Go troian


I know who ur talkin bout.! OmG.!!she follows me on twitter.! She needs 2 play that role!!!!!! She has all da face assests but shes a little 2 pretty just a little but shes still better than hailee steinfeld n WAY better than that one chick jennifer.! I can tell u that much.! I pick jazmin_ramos 2 play da role of katniss. Screw all da rest of da actresses.!


Nope nope nope! Found the perfect katniss on twitter! (jazmin_ramos) if u have a twitter u can find her. She's awesome for this role, gray eyes, black hair, light olive skin, natural beauty. I stumbled upon her and found her look to match perfectly to my discrition of katniss.


Two words: Hailee Steinfeild.

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