Too Soon? 50 Cent Makes Waves With Tsunami Jokes on Twitter

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We suppose you can give 50 Cent credit for trying to lighten the mood, but it was still a little soon for Japanese earthquake/Tsunami humor, most likely.

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    I don't really see as much tastelessness in this as there was in Gottfrieds (sp?) tweets. People WERE waiting to surf and his first post just seems to be commentary on what's going on. The only joke he made was the second tweet.


    I think everyone needs to get a sense of humor about this kind of thing there was nothing you could have done to stop it nothing you can do to fix it ... So lighten the damn mood! As funny as 50s jokes are i think this is even better were in the middle of a frickin recession and somehow we'll find a way to send a billion dollars to japan ...


    I just have to point out that his third tweet was not a joke...I've never liked 50 Cent, and I'm certainly not trying to defend him here, but I at least think that you should be accurate. People WERE on the beaches in California waiting to surf when the tsunami waves were scheduled to start hitting at 8 in the morning.


    What else you were expecting from a moron?


    I saw that pic and thought it was Gary Coleman, so then I wondered how the heck he was a douchebag when he's not even alive. :X


    "Let's pray for anyone who has lost someone"
    Latest estimate is over 10,000.
    So, how many people lost someone? When you going to start praying big boy?


    National disasters are Not the time to try and use jokes as a novelty to lighten the seriousness of such devastation. To actually be able to see such devastation in motion should be a reminder of the uncontrollable powers of nature. To be aware that so many people have lost their lives, so many people missing,misplace, shocked, and the absolute horror of seeing this destruction so up close should Never be a cause for humor. Hopefully by now Mr.Cent know that this was Never a laughing matter. Continued prayers and personal donations are more appropriate at a this time!!


    So basically his last tweet says, "I'm a huge @sshole, and completely unapologetic."


    LOL lol lol

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