Tom Bergeron on Chris Brown: BOOOO!

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Without coming out and directly challenging his network for allowing Chris Brown to perform tonight on Dancing with the Stars, host Tom Bergeron has made his feelings clear.

“I did tell the producers it may be to their advantage to not have me interview him because my natural tendency would be to say something,” Bergeron told Ryan Seacrest on the latter's radio show “Don’t put me in a position where you are asking me to not say something, because I really won’t do that.”

Tom Bergeron on DWTS
Browning Out

Bergeron joked that he may be placed in "a Hannibal Lecter suit" in order to keep him quiet, but the promotion of Brown by ABC is no laughing matter to many.

It's hard not to wonder why the network banned Adam Lambert from its airways in late 2009, yet is embracing a man with such an emotional, violent side. The answer, though, is clearly all about the bottom line:

ABC is hoping to arrange a ratings-grabber of an interview with both Brown and Rihanna.


Yes God has been with his past lovers that none of them clashed with him as Rihanna did & yes, he has had some lovers since then & none like this has been repeated. Chris Brown is not your father & if you have been abused, then find help. My father was abusive to my mum too but I am happily married with kids now. One mistake never defines you, otherwise you & the rest of the world will be in prison. Anyways, no one is asked you to support Chris Brown, even Chris Brown doesn't ask you to be his fan, ALL WE ARE SAYING IS THAT YOU PEOPLE SHOULD MIND YOUR BUSINESS & LET HIM MIND HIS.


i guess he deserves 2 forgiven...he's a human like all of as ppl...everyone can do a mistakes...Adam and Chris are not in the same situation we all know that...and i agree with @king makers...@:exile::why r u talking like that ?? i think everyone loves him and i hope soon he will find a very perfect g.f sure better that rihanna(i hate her)


Sick sick sick to death of hearing how Chris Brown should be forgiven. Forgiveness HeLL!! I grew up with a father who had a vicious temper and was terribly abusive physically. My mother kept right on forgiving him. He never changed. One day Brown's rage will get the best of him and maybe he will kill some unlucky woman who happens to get in his way. God be with his future lovers.


that beregon guy is a ugly twat. Who does he think he is ?


People do want rihanna to hate chris brown, and yes it is very sad that how people feel and how the media can distory you. Its crazy how the media is using these two young people just to make money. so yes it is a creul world to begin with, but at same time GMA should be ashame of themselves for trying to allow this for rating. And i dont think chris is trying gain his fans back, too me chris just want forgiveness and just to let people know there is no hard feelings between riri and him at all. He is human, just like me and others.


@Shannon: Click on that link and read the story, yes.


Adam lambert was banned from abc? Was it cuz of the "too gay performance"? That's stupid... Why is it ok for women to make out & be naked all over the place but it isn't ok for men to be gay? We have such a hypocritical society. Either way I wouldn't be able to interview cb either, tom made a good decision in telling the network not to let him. Aaaand here come the cb defenders!


Oh boy, by the time I finish typing this there are sure to be angry posts calling Bergeron nasty things for his opinion. I'm glad the guy was honest and told producers flat out that he would be unable to ignore Browns actions if he had to interview him.
@Hilton Hater: You are right, the network is all about the bottom line and it's ratings. Maybe if those ratings take a giant dive over this they may take a second look at it. Likely not,but I for one will not be watching him.
I hope Rihanna does not agree to a joint interview. Browns actions and issues have nothing to do with her. She was outlet he used for his own uncontrolled rage,not the cause of it. The best thing she can do is distance herself from him in all ways. If she lets ABC and Brown use her for ratings or to repair his shattered public image I'll be shocked and disappointed, so will many others.

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