Thia Megia on American Idol: Simple, Subdued, Strong

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All the American Idol chatter this morning may be over Pia Toscano and her rendition of "I'll Stand By You," but another semifinalist also assured herself of a spot in the finals with a beautiful ballad cover.

Thia Megia, only 15 years old (and confused over how to prove that, as Ryan Seacrest tried to joke about), delivered a simple version of "Out Here On My Own," a song featured in "Fame."

Without trying to do too much, the singer took a single with which few are familiar (always a smart move) and simply stood on stage and let her voice do all the work. It was an especially confident, mature performance from someone so young. Enjoy it here:


Old or not, if American Idol was strictly about singing, Thia would win hands down. If stage performance is also important, Thia has an answer to that! She may not be as good as she will be at, say, age 18 or 20- the age several alluded to as the age she should have entered the contest- but it is quite OK because she is very beautiful with charisma and so very sweet. I think she has captured the public's attention and has given notice that, win or not, she will be a super star in just a few years. Nevertheless, she is the best singer in the contest.


Age does not equal life experience. It does not mean that older people have more experiences than younger ones, sometimes it depends on your upbringing and personal experiences. She's been through defeat/s in other singing competitions and opportunities, she may be more mature for her age and certainly more mature than the other constestants older than her.


Like randy jackson said, if you got it, you got it no matter what age. Thia got it.


Last one on is the first one in! I say Thia will win if not come extremely close! Get em Thia! hope you get a deal even if you dont win because your a WINNER!


She has a beautiful voice - but I think she should have waited a couple years to try. She doesn't have the life experience to draw on to really bring the emotion needed to really soar. She has the technical expertise, but lacks that emotional depth, which she will gain with life. I hope she does well.


i wanna marry this girl. Most AWESOMEST!


beautiful and i hope she makes it in idol

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