Thia Megia Makes Like Pocahontas

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Tasked with covering a song from the year of her birth, Thia Megia went all Disney on American Idol viewers last night.

The season 10 hopeful delivered a lovely version of Vanessa Williams' "Colors of the Wind" from the 1995 film Pocahontas. Wow. Yes, Thia Megia was born in 1995. It's a safe choice, one that shows off Megia's steady, strong tone and style.

Randy thought the selection was a bit too safe, while Jennifer Lopez questions the quality of her vibrato. Watch the performance for yourself and sound off now: What do you think of Thia?

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go thia just do more effort!!!!and i know the judjes will be impressed!!!i love yuo....thia!!!!


i know that thia will do her best to won this competition,i wont agree what the judes say to her,when they commented her to dance,she dance......what more?......thia dnt give up,because youve been in the bottom 3.....i know yuo can do it!!!go,go,go I LUB U..........


well this is the 1st time ive watched her & just judging on this performance she definitely needs to put some pwer behind her voice. it was very boring & almost monotoned. her voice sounds pretty but she needs to work on it before she can go further.


Thia Megia has an unforgettable quality to her voice and while she may not win Idol she will someday rank with the great Nana Mouskouri in terms of the distinct quality of her voice as a balladeer.


even though thia wont win the Al, I'm sure she will go places in her singing career. omy she has a very clear and astonising quality of voice. , I heard her rendition of vanessa william's "color of the wind" and I like the song now.


I think Thia will sound great singing Karen Carpenter songs


It is not okay for Thia to sing ballads all the time but it is okay for the other contestants to sing Rock and Country music all the time. there seem to be unfairness with the judges making comments. How about Haley? She tried to go out of her box by singing songs of different genre but this is not okay with the judges. What do the judges really want?


Her rendition to the song is very nice and I dont see any thing wrong with it.But it was the judge observation that she always sang ballads though like what she said she could sing different genre.They want Thia to go out from the box ,come out from the shell because Thia has voice and they want Thia to prove to Americans that she is versatile which she is.
Being an avid fan of AI , i like Thia and I want to see her on the top 3 and Its not impossible if we will continue supporting her whatever the judge's comment with her performances. Anyway its the vote that counts .


As i watched american idol episodes, i always wait the performance of thia, good enough to see her own style and interpretation but i wish through the comment of the judges she will grow better and improve more and show more good songs that could wow them all.


She and Jacob are my favs this season. I hope they make it to the final show and go up against each other.

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