THG Caption Contest: Charlie Sheen Loses It!

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Welcome to THG's Caption Contest ... powered by Tiger Blood!

Charlie Sheen may be unemployed and melting down before our eyes, but the man's not going down without a fight. In fact, he's prepared for war.

What are he and one of his goddesses thinking or saying here? Just think up your best caption(s), leave them as comment below and win!

We'll announce a winner tomorrow. Go to town and good luck ...

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Charlie : Want to see if we can hook up later? Female: Depends on if you can pull a jeanie from that bottle cause you're all washed up!


Loser one says to loser two -Who's in the closet honey?


His goddess says, Oh Charlie, I am just so happy with you. Everytime I look at you I smile, even when you are just drinking.
Charlie is thinking, who am I here with. I am so thristy from all the drugs, no that's not right. I'm thristy because of the sun and the earth, the seas, the fish and Alaska !Winners! Winners! Winners!


You're a train-wreck idiot, but keep showering me with gifts and I am all yours.


You're right, it is a different twist on a ventriloquist act. But at this point, I don't think the talking while drinking trick is going to make you sound any better.


Charlie: Thank god we got them to go back to the original formula for coke, you know, the one that has cocaine in it... just for Sober Valley Ranch!!!
Goddess: Come on, Tiger, you winner, I need my fix too. Hey, do you think it would work faster if we snort it?


"They think its coke.. Dumb asses". "Huh? Oh yeah hehe"


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Charlie:I'm getting my drink on........I ain't got no job and i ain't got s... to do!!!!!


(Charlie) Coke, numbs your mouth! Oh wait! CUT! I meant quenches your thirst! (Goddess) charlie, you arent on set your just kissin up to the coke ppk hoping theyll hook us up