The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: All Returning!

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Ready for more contrived fights? Allegations of alcoholism? And everything irritatingly awful about Camille Grammer? Good.

Because sources confirm to Radar Online that every cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return for season two. Grammer, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle and Kim Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof have all signed new contracts.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Members

Here's to another season of making viewers think our fights are unscripted!

"Camille was on the fence and really didn't know if she wanted all her business exposed for a second time especially after her painful divorce," an insider says. "She thought about it and re-thought about it before coming to the conclusion that she'd return for a second season."

After all, what is a private life with one's children when faced with dollar signs and featured tabloid stories, right? Did anyone really doubt Camille would return?!?

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Really happy to hear that BH will be returning. I'm glad that Camille, Kim, Lisa and Andrienne all decided to come back for Season 2. I think Kyle was horrible and quite two-faced. She'd accept Camille's apologies and then in the very next scene bad mouth her! Wow. And then she outs her sister for her drinking. Hopefully Kim will get some much-needed help to combat alcoholism and learn to speak up to her domineering sister!


Who cares!?! I'm sure there are some Hollywood housewives who struggle making ends meet that are more real than these selfish witches.


Started watching this show with my mom and must say I loved Kim the most and I felt for her. I guess they need to keep her sistr Kyle on the show but she smells bad to me now. I'm sure that Kyle will be trying very hard to resurrect her image next season. Also I ended up not liking Lisa as much. She was an enabler to Kyle in abusing her sister. Defending it and making excuses for it, and even joining it at the end. I'm Seeing the cracks in her posh english image.


I am so happy that Kim Richards will return to the show.
She's the only one that admire,she is a good actress and a good mom.Keep up the good work Kim.Be more strong in answering your sister...don't let her walk all over you.Stay away from all the Hollywood garbage that means booze 2.


This is great news. I was afraid that Lyle's wacko outbursts and alleged outing of Kim had forced her off the show and then I was not going to watch it again. Maybe Kim had grounds to sue Bravo, Mr. Andy and Kyle. I hope so! My other favorite is Camille - the anti-Kyle. Kyle is pretty on the outside but not so much on the inside. Her Mother in Law is a shrink; check it out, Kyle - I'm just sayin..........


Hope this is true! I will watch the show again if Kim comes back. This was the best housewives series ever because of her naturalism and honesty. If Kim doesn't come back, and instead I have to listen only to malicious Kyle doing her saccharine baby voice, like she's the sweetest person on earth, I'll vomit and turn off the TV. I hope Kim comes back, stands tall, and is true to herself, like she was this season. I respect that lady, regardless of her flaws. She made a good show into a great show.


Yei! Kim is favorite! I wouyld drop make sure nobody is attacked from tbhe core of respectability


Yei! Kim is favorite! I woyld drom make sure nobody is attacked from tbhe core of respectablity


Love Lisa & Adrienne. Hopefully Kyle learned a lesson about bullying Kim. Kim's problem's are her's. Don't air them 2 the world Kyle. Clean your own house. Taylor is so full of herself reality will never sink in. Camille is in a world all of her own.


This is the only one of the 'Housewives' series that I've seen. I like it! I may be open to checking out the new Orange County one, but my alliance is with the ladies of BH! I don't particularly care for the east coast ladies.