The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers, Storylines Revealed?

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Who will Batman take on in The Dark Knight Rises, the wildly-anticipated third movie in this franchise to be directed by Christopher Nolan?

New spoilers leaked online claim to reveal the main storyline for this July 2012 blockbuster. Consider yourself warned: stop reading now if you wish to be surprised in the theater...

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The plot will reportedly focus on the League of Shadows, a vigilante group led by the daughter of Ra al Ghul, Talia (Marion Cotillard).

As Bane, Tom Hardy will star as Talia's muscle and possible love interest, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays another villain connected to the organization. Then there's Anne Hathaway's Catwoman.

Look for this iconic character to join forces with the Caped Crusader and battle the aforementioned enemies.

What do you think, fans? Are you more excited now for The Dark Knight Rises?

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It'll REALLY, but REALLY, surprise EVERYONE if all of the sudden The Joker's back with all those villains and new superheros.. Now THAT would've made it UNRESISTABLE, a PERFECT TEASER, Nolan...


Anne Hathway? really? I would honestly choose anyone over her. and she's overdone. And I really expected a really good villain. Nothing will be better than Heath Ledger though.


No matter what happens, this film will make a tonne of money.
But, Jeepers. If these reports are true, the casting for it really sucks. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a modern day miracle: Anyone with his one dimensional ability as an actor, should not be working, let alone working in huge blockbusters with Nolan, not once, but now TWICE!
Marion Cotillard? She's a fine actress, but to cast her as Talia? And what the f**k is Talia doing in the story line anyway?
With all the impeccable characters that Batman has spawned since it's origins, he picks to go with Talia?
And with all the sex kittens running around Hollywood, he picks Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? WTF?
The only decent bit of casting here is Tom Hardy as Bane. And Bane as a character deserves to stand alone, not be a fucking side kick to a lame character like Talia and the Lame League Of Shadows. Boom.


I'm happy for Anne!! She pulled off "Get Smart" very well and I'm sure she will do well on this!!!


Gonna be a really good movie! Sad without Heath Ledger though. :-(


Josh Small. You won't see any of that lol


gys, u shouldn't start bashing anne, remember when u gys found out heath ledger was the joker, you thought he was bad and bam... he won at the oscars, u shouldn't underestimate anne


tears ;( i wanted poison ivy as the next villian .oh well but iam excited for this new batman movie. yay


Eh, idk I'm pretty disappointed. Hathoway isn't right for catwoman and she's sooo overdone. I was hoping for harley or a realistic riddler maybe. We'll see I guess...


IDK, I mean I can say at first I was upset with the casting of Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight, but I had to eat my words. But I just don't like Anne Hathaway, and are they really making Bane just hired muscle once again? But I have faith in Chris Nolan, the man can tell a Batman story like no other.

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