The Charlie Sheen Rundown: Custody, Apology, Legal Demands...

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In the latest edition of As Charlie Sheen's Hilariously Troubled World Turns...

Brooke Mueller has responded to the video that depicts her young twins hanging around Sheen's "goddesses" and taken action to wrestle physical custody of them from her ex-husband. One problem, according to TMZ?

She went to the wrong police station to do so.

Out of Work Star

Sheen's lawyer, Marty Singer, has fired off a letter to Warner Bros. and CBS that demands Sheen gets paid for the full season of Two and a Half Men, lest these companies face legal action. It reads:

"Warner Bros. made it clear they wanted Charlie back for two more years, even with the prospect that he could go to jail. They made a deal with him while the charges were pending. But now that Charlie made some disparaging comments about the show runner who had refused to work... they made a decision not to proceed with the show this year. It's outrageous."

On its own, that statement actually makes a solid argument.

Following the uproar over how Sheen referred to creator Chuck Lorre as "Chaim," the actor has asked for an apology from the Anti-Defamation League for saying the actor exhibited "borderline anti-Semitism" via that comment.

Singer has also sent that organization a letter that demands a retraction because his clien's only intention was to "address the man rather than his television persona."

In what he claims will be his final new interview, Sheen called in to the Howard Stern radio show today. Among the tidbits shared:

  • He's never made a sex tape.
  • He isn't worried about returning to Two and a Half Men: "I don't believe in panicking - panicking is for amateurs and morons."
  • He thinks CBS President Les Moonves ought to fire Lorre: "Chuck wants out, because he's burned out. He's got three shows, and he has forgotten that ours was the one who launched the other two... And he's trying to make me the fall guy, and he's not going to do it because his tactics are silly and juvenile, and the work of an amateur. I think the real solution is that Les should just fire him and put me back on, and everybody wins."

But isn't Sheen already WINNING? Listen to the Stern interview below.


1) he has NOT bitten the hand that feeds him, simply corporate advertising does not want the association and those who get paid first so that Charlie may be paid next are folding to demands instead of standing up.
2) hollywood is & always has been full'o'it. there are no morals to be found.
3) Charlie is just an actor, an entertainer. what he is doing right now is exactly that.
4) as for you 12 step program - they have long ago been proven ineffective (old news). life is very, very short - your just jealous that Charlie is living it his way.
5) financial security has more to do with a childs development in America than environment these days - fact.


of his twins sorry. not to his twins.


I thought that I read somewhere wheither it was on THG or article in a magazine or w.e, but I thought I read somewhere a few days ago that charlie lost custody to his twins and those were the last two kids he has custody of. Now i'm kinda confused.


I feel sorry for this guy. He's acting like a sickly thin, dried up, geriatric teenager. He's starting to look pathetic. Someone please throw Mr. Sheen a 12-step program and a how to manual on being "a grown man" and "a responsible father" and get him out of the media. The last thing we need to do is encourage older people that reverting back to a teen during a mid life crisis is normal.


Never a dull moment. Forget Two and a half men, welcome to the 24 hour Charlie Sheen Update which is No laughing matter. The longer that Charlie stays out of work, the more outrageous stories that we are going to be hearing from him. He has bitten the hand that was feeding him, and Now he stills wants the creator of the sitcom to continue to show him the money. With Charlie's unpredictable behavior he has brought negative attention to his show and helped to create an unsettling and hostile environment in the workplace.


You can go to the police if you believe your minor child is in present danger. They can't do much,you do have to go to court for a real solution, but they can go check on their welfare.


You don't go to police for this. you go to court.


He has custody of two children? Hope it's just joint and not full. Scary!!!


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