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Charlie Sheen's Korner. It's a complicated place.

Sometimes, porn stars reside there. Other times, you are by yourself, ranting to an associate over the phone. A phone made by trolls, that is.

But one thing is certain: Chuck Lorre is never invited to hang out there. That guy is a feeble abortion who should never have survived. No, really. Listen to Sheen make that accusation in this kollection of videos from Sheen's Korner:


Was really hoping Charlie had come back this year. I knew Kutcher or anyone could take his place. Watching the reruns, you see that the whole crew clicked, Kutcher is trying to act like his stupid 70's role only trying to be grown up. Give it up Ashton, we the people want Charlie back. I feel sorry of the roles of Allan, Jake. Mom, Berta and Judith. And putting Kuctcher with the mother was really stupid, who next, Berta???? Get over it CBS you really screwed things up for this great show :((((


Charlie Sheen is nothing more than an over-the-hill cash cow. And since he isn't useful anymore, is being put out to pasture......and I don't mean put out to stud. Anyone who would have sex with this moron is just about as stupid as he is. Go away now Charlie, we aren't interested any more.

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