The Bachelor Season Finale: Who Did Brad Womack Choose, Emily or Chantal?

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Is reality TV's most famous commitment-phobe ready to get down on one knee? Will he propose to Chantal or Emily? Were The Bachelor spoilers correct?

It's all come down to one final rose tonight, and for the two women remaining, a final date to make their case in the quest to become Mrs. Brad Womack.

How will the saga end? Which amazing woman - Emily Maynard and Chantal O'Brien - will receive a Neil Lane ring and who will depart empty-handed?

THG breaks down The Bachelor season finale in a LIVE +/- recap!

Brad Womack Waits

Come on, ABC. Ditch the "most controversial season in Bachelor history" bit. We get it. You recycled Brad. Other than that? Pretty normal season! Minus 4.

Five minutes in and Brad's crying. Sorry ... bawling. Yikes. Minus 3.

Wait ... Brad is a changed man? Emily and Chantal couldn't be more different? Wild. Missed that the first four times. Also, what is Brad wearing?! Minus 5.

Chantal is bringing it tonight. She's holding nothing back. Plus 9. Saying she'll get married to Brad on the spot? Not a bluff. Talk about laying it on the line.

Oh, passing the mom test. This is going down to the wire! Plus 6.

Is your top on backwards, though, Chantal? Just askin'. Minus 2.

Emily to Brad: "I'm so happy to see you." Show-watching companion: "I'm a Barbie doll. I'm so beautiful. I'm perfect. La la." More or less true. Plus 2.

Like they had to make Emily relive her background on camera. Eh, we got all choked up even though we've heard it like 49 times by now, so ... Wash.

Brad may be an uptight, cyborg stiff of a Bachelor, but his feeling for Emily - and Ricki - seem far from rehearsed. Plus 7. Not looking good, Chantal.

Why didn't the non-twin Womack get the same genes? Just askin'. Minus 1.

Lots of votes for Emily Maynard. The family has spoken, and doesn't seem to be on the fence. Plus only 5, because there's an hour and 20 minutes left.

Will she lose the bracelet with the ex's initials if they get hitched? No points, merely curious ... is it sweet? Or a sign she can't let go? A little of both?

Man, that is some tight scuba gear. Good sign? Bad sign? Eh, Plus 2.

Handsome Bachelor

Chantal: "If we can get through swimming with sharks, we can get through anything." Yes, a once-in-a-lifetime ABC-sponsored date is a metaphor for life. Minus 11.

That's a sweet map Chris Harrison made for Chantal! Plus 4.

Channy, Channy, Channy? No, no, no, no, no. Minus 3.

If this were Jersey Shore, the phrase "get it in" would've been used at least 2-3 times on this date. Plus 6 for the imagery of Brad throwing around that term.

Honestly, how many helicopter rides does one girl need to consider herself wooed? Minus 8. We know they ran out of date ideas by the 200th season, but still.

We were going to mock Brad for saying this was "the most important talk of his life," but we're pretty sure he just proposed ... to be Ricki's dad. Sniff. Plus 5.

Whoa, short fuse alert! She's just covering her bases, B. Yeesh. Minus 13. Toweling himself off? Asking for water? Is Brad having a nervous breakdown?!

Brad laments that he was defeated. "Slapped in the face." And "shot out of the water." Oh, and "profoundly hurt!" Nice misdirection, Chris/Brad/ABC! Plus 4.

Cue obligatory episode recap/Neil Lane filler. Minus 7.

Brad Womack and Chantal O'Brien

How appropriate. En route to the final rose ceremony, Emily is in white, Chantal in black. Minus 9 for obviousness. She's the Black Swan of The Bachelor.

Look at host-pimp Chris. So very cool, so collected. Plus 5.

At least he gave it to her straight. When he says he's meant every word from day one, he's probably being genuine. Still hurts, though. Hard. Minus 8.

Plus 7 because we like Chantal, and because she'll land on her feet. Possibly even in a dress without those feathers. Things happen for a reason!

Can you imagine if Emily Maynard shot Brad down? Now that would be a twist. Won't happen but you can kinda see it, and wonder if this is gonna last.

Okay, Plus 35 for that beautiful dress, the beautiful bride-to-be, and for a proposal that made this celebrity gossip site's offices just a little dusty.

And Plus 7 more for his trademark "Come here to me, please."

This is some montage. If only Train's "Marry Me" were "their" song. Alas, it forever belongs to Brad and Ashley. Hey, nobody's perfect. Minus 3.

A Hug For Brad

Man, Chantal O'Brien is still hurting on After the Final Rose, but still looks great. Like Melissa Rycroft, it's not a huge surprise someone snatched her up. Plus 8.

Wait ... Brad "tried" to marry Emily tonight but got shot down? AND they broke up, but are now back together and still engaged? Heads: Spinning. Minus 12.

Wow. Emily looks even better now, if that's possible. Plus 9.

When you're rooting for your fiancee to confirm you're engaged? Not a good sign. Worse? When her take on moving to Austin is a resounding "no." Minus 10.

Plus 7 for Emily calling out the show's editing of her.

When Emily says they're "working through some issues," she's talking about A LOT of issues. Chief among them? Poking the bear. Don't even ask. Minus 6.

That was the most rambling, drawn-out yes of all time, but Emily did say she sees herself marrying Brad. We have our doubts, but Plus 13 for now.

Man, this After the Final Rose special is starting to feel like group therapy. Minus 8. Including Ali and Roberto as a "success" is a tad presumptive, but whatever.

We still love you, Molly Malaney Mesnick!!! Plus 3.

And Plus 10 for Ashley Hebert as The Bachelorette.


What do you think: Will Brad Womack and Emily Maynard last?


Michele was a huge bitch and really old looking not to mention fake! Oh, and slutty! I pity anyone who ends up with Michele! Anyway, brad seemed to be guarded and unable to be himself! It always seemed that he was acting but I think that he was trying but I think that he doesn't know how to be real! Again, Michele is horrible, I am watching a repeat of her being bitchy and a huge nag! She is not that attractive where she can be horrible and get away with it in a cute fashion! What a bitch!!!! So fake! I would feel like slapping her!


I wanted Brad to choose Chantal instead of Emily. I also hated Michelle because she was so selfish and bitchy to control Brad. Has the bachelor for Brad finished because I didn't see the end of it.
It is Ben now...


This season sucked.... Borring and obvious


C. Susan and Camille,Thank you for your ctmmenos.I homeschooled for 16 yrs. so it is a topic that arouses my passions. I also get passionate when someone is rude and unfair to one of my children. So, this hit two of my buttons.Susan Lapin


I don't think it will lastlong.Emily looks to pony, attention seeker selfish.


Two losers deserve each other!


will he, will he, willee, willee, Willey Wonka !!!!!!!


Emely should not feel pressured to marry Brad because of the public or media. Brad obviously has some serious personality flaws. Relationships don't always end up in marrage,and why force it, or even put that much energy into trying to make it work, when there are so many other fish in the sea. This guy Brad is a wierdo freak with a hugh ego and Emely is a gorgeous, sweet girl who could do way better.


For Pete's sake ,,Emily knew when she went into this that he might choose her,,,so why on earth would she balk at marrying him?? Makes no sense,,,otherwise don't be a contestant,,and break someone's heart,,this should all be determined first,,


I don't know why anyone watches this garbage. It's not as if they sign a contract that says they HAVE to get married and stay together for the rest of their lives, so it's all just a game in which few REALLY win in the end.

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