Teen Momma Drama: Divorce For Leah Messer?

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Whether it's Amber Portwood's legal woes, Farrah Abraham's family saga, or a Jenelle Evans-Kim Kardashian rivalry, Teen Mom is all the rage these days.

A pair of Teen Mom 2 stars, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, share the cover of In Touch this week - for dramatically different, equally made-up reasons.

Weeks after the arrest of Jonathan Rivera left Kailyn considering cutting off her baby daddy, they're supposedly racing to the altar! How times change!

Teen Momma Drama

WEDDING JOY, DIVORCE DRAMA: Or neither of the above.

While the Kailyn portion of this cover story marks a reversal from the news we've read on her up until now, the Leah Messer saga is actually consistent.

Previous reports suggested trouble in paradise with hubby Corey Simms. Now, amid accusations that she's leading a double life, is Leah ready to leave?

Probably not, but until people get tired of Teen Mom, expect the new crop of MTV stars to dominate tabloid covers just like their pregnant predecessors.

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i agree jannelle needs to grow the fuck up. Chelsea move on Adam don't make you happy. Leah wtf! girl you cheated on Cory your not smart it's about your babies not messing around. kaiylen good luck


I think that Kailyn is an excellent mom. Jo needs to stop being mad and be happy his baby's mother is trying to better their lives. Jo's brother is a good uncle to baby Isaac! Corey and Leah kudos to you guys, hope you guys have a long and happy marrige. Janelle honey, you need to get your life on track and start raising your son! No excuses. Chelsea needs to stop moaning and droaning over Adam. What does he do for you girl?! Nothing!!! He puts you through all kinds of hell and you put up with it. You need to stay strong for you're daughter girly. Good luck teen mommies!!!! :)


Jenelle needs her ass kick how she talks to her mom. I realize she isn't perfect no parent is,.but this trick is.taking advantage of her moms patience. I wish I.was her mom she wouldve been had her ass whip. All she want to do is screw and get high grow up girl!!!


Anita- you dumb bitch. MTV even confirmed that Robbie wasnt there. You are just a jealous cunt.


the best leah could do for corey is divorce him and let him raise the girls. she was doin the nasty with robbie @ her bachlorette party, her cousin seth when her and corey were apart. my bff has a cousin who cheered with leah. her nickname was leah messing around.


BTW-loved the "hick" family photo


I love Leah and Corey and hope the best for them and there twins!! They have and will go through so much in their young lives that it would be beneficial for everyone if they stayed together.
All the best to y'all :)


ok, first of they are paid to have their lives put on display and have chosen to have cameras documenting their lives. Its not like the camera men broken in and are secretly watching them. so u just sound dumb!


It doesn't matter whether they are or aren't gettin married or divorced. It's their life leave them the hell alone and let them live it! What if the role was reversed and your business was displayed for the whole world to see! And as for you Sarah they are on tv to show girls how hard it is being a teen mom so they'll do their best in preventing pregnancy! You have no clue how hard it is to put your whole life on display and have people criticize every move you make. I think these girls are doing the best they can to be good moms and build a life for their families and people need to leave them alone.


leah and corey are absolutely NOT getting a divorce. They are actually looking at a house to BUY. I don't think they would be house searching if they were planning on divorcing. May want to get your facts straight before publishing these things. Makes you guys look completley stupid. Considering Leah has a fan page and there are TONS of people on it and can see where her and corey have commented saying they love each other on it. You guys are STUPID!!!!