Teen Mom Throwdown: Jenelle Evans PUMMELS Britany Truett

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Jenelle Evans has found a way to make Amber Portwood look stable.

The Teen Mom 2 star got into it with some girl named Britany Truett this week, and you can't even call it a catfight - it's a one-sided, violent beating.

With her loser friends cheering (and apparently filming) and yelling "get 'er" and "that's what you get," Jenelle Evans laid into Britany again and again.

Seriously, she landed like 20 blows to the face as Brit shrieked in pain.

TOO FAR: This fight was over REAL fast, but Evans kept at it.

It's not quite clear what prompted this, but Jenelle, 19, clearly instigated it, spewing nasty insults before throwing down and pounding her senseless.

After repeated shots to the face, with Britany bleeding and unable to defend herself, one of Jenelle's idiot friends finally restrains her out-of-control ass.

Sources close to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle's boyfriend. You can watch the video here, but it's more disturbing than funny.

We'd lawyer up if we were Jenelle. And get a psych consult.


Mamatakashu, you could not have said it better! So proud of you. I feel so ashamed of Jenelle's actions . Shame on her! And all these other girls who think it is okey to beat someone. How do you sleep at night? There must be something wrong with you.
Shame on you Jenelle, you have a beautiful child, instead of building a better life for him you go around beating girls


I hope the grandmother keeps that child, she definetly does not deserve her son. She needs to GROW UP,and all the ones that was there with her come on how old are all of you. Is this what you want your son to see. As a grandmother that is raising 2 grandchildren myself if my daughter ever did something like that I would whop her ASS myself.


I hate to use the term "trailer trash" or "white trash," But seriously, this girl is the definition of both terms. How sad.
Also, no matter how bad the girl may have "deserved it," it shouldn'tve happened. If Jenelle wants to prove she's a good mom, she needs to grow up. A lot.


I don't think she should be allowed to continue in teen mom. This type pf behavior is not acceptable.
This is a form of bullying, not only on her part but the rest of the people there including her boyfriend who is clearly there. They all need to have a personality adjustment, they are not behaving civilized.
I believe the girl Brittany is not pressing charges and I think she should not just for herself but for every vicim of bully.
What a disgrace, especially with her being a "mother" and all.


Jenelle, for someone that truly would like to get her son back, that's really disturbing. I believe now that your son does belong with his grandma. Congradulations on handing him over on a silver platter.


jenelle is such a bitch can't stand her she should never be allowed near her mother and son she is evil


She will always be trashy and an embarassment. God bless her mother and baby for putting up with her bullsh*t.


These girls are fucked. What's worse is that they're getting their own show to show that they're a teen mother and how fuckin crazy, they clearly are.
Teen Mom, blows.


fighting is awful no matter the cause or reason...however...how can you feel bad for some girl that is antagonizing a fight. they are both big girls, they both knew what what coming next and if she didnt want the fight she should have walked into the house instead of standing there on the phone and talking shit. there is no way jenelle is in the right but she is also not 100% the fault of this. they both could have shut their mouths and walked away. if i was the brittany girl i would have shut the hell up and went inside. its obvious that she was just as much to blame here as jenelle, jenelle just looks the worst because she ended up being the one on top doing all the throwing of punches. they should both be in trouble over this situation.


It's her friends that are trash, pushing jenelle into britany was a bitch move and especially all of them rooting her on is just pathetic. Power of peer pressure.

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