Teen Mom Throwdown: Jenelle Evans PUMMELS Britany Truett

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Jenelle Evans has found a way to make Amber Portwood look stable.

The Teen Mom 2 star got into it with some girl named Britany Truett this week, and you can't even call it a catfight - it's a one-sided, violent beating.

With her loser friends cheering (and apparently filming) and yelling "get 'er" and "that's what you get," Jenelle Evans laid into Britany again and again.

Seriously, she landed like 20 blows to the face as Brit shrieked in pain.

TOO FAR: This fight was over REAL fast, but Evans kept at it.

It's not quite clear what prompted this, but Jenelle, 19, clearly instigated it, spewing nasty insults before throwing down and pounding her senseless.

After repeated shots to the face, with Britany bleeding and unable to defend herself, one of Jenelle's idiot friends finally restrains her out-of-control ass.

Sources close to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle's boyfriend. You can watch the video here, but it's more disturbing than funny.

We'd lawyer up if we were Jenelle. And get a psych consult.

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Two words: trailer trash.


Everyone whos makin bad comments about jenelle is clearly a dumb ass. At the beginning of this story it clearly states. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT PROMPTED THIS FIGHT! This girl could of been harrassing jenelle. We dont kno. One side of the story is told here not enough to draw a conclusion but to the editor..."please get more info"


she had no business bringing an innocent child into this world. it's not all about jenelle anymore!!!! she needs to grow up and stop blaming her mom for all her stupidity!!!!! take responsibility for your own actions, jenelle!!!!


She's young, whatever my mom never should me that much love I had my first child when I was 16 and I never went out and did the things this young girl did. It makes me happy to see her mom stepped up and took her grand child to raise so he at least will have a chance at a good life... Her mom has tried to be there and help her incase you haven't been watching Teen Mom 2 on MTV so stop feeling sorry for her... She really needs to grow up..She need's to spend at least 90 day's in jail for a shock on the road she is heading down, maybe that would wake her dumb butt up and she'd get a grip with reality.. Yeah it sucks but we all have to deal with it with out the violence!!!


This is response to Hilary. Are you nuts? Know the entire story? Well then oh dear journailist please tell us the facts! The entire story or not does not give Jenelle the right to beat up someone.
You dont think its fair that Jenelle gets bashed on by all of you! Pathetic. She shouldnt have agreed to sign on for Teen Mom 2 and think of the consequences of her actions. That is what you get when you want to become a 15 min fame seeker. People are going to judge good or bad.
And as for millions of people attacking her every move. If she is "trying" to straighten her life out then why would she care what other people think of her. She needs to take care of herself and stop worrying about what other people think of her.
Beating up this girl does not help her case. She should NOT have custody of Jace. Poor kid


She is young, give her a break. Her mom does not show her much love. It is so hard for kids these days. So much peer pressure. She is a kid who had a kid. Give her a break, do not judge her. We are not in her life. She is in her life. Has she made good choices? Well, no she has not. But Jesus still died for her sins. No one is perfect in this world, let alone this site. Where some people just want to tear her apart. Maybe if we gave these young kids more support, they would know someone care's. Besides, if u do not make mistakes, how in heck are you suppose to learn a lesson out of it. Just give her a break, and help her mom to love her more!!!!!! Send prayers to them.


I cant believe this girl...she had no business having a child and if they dont get that kid away from her mother hes going to turn out just like Jenelle. I hope they stop filming her and get her some phsyciatric help, if they think fast maybe whats left of her life will be salvagable. Does anyone know how the other girl is?


i love reading everyones' comments. hahaha ! i think it's funny how majority of the people are "ashamed" of Jenelle. nobody realy know the ENTIRE story, so don't bash on Jenelle unless you have all of you're facts straight. i just don't think it's fair that Jenelle gets bashed on by all of you. if you DON'T like what she does, then don't pay attention to her. it's THAT simple. & no wonder her anger is out of control, because she has millions of people attacking her every move she makes. the way i see it is, if you don't like it then don't look !


WOW!!!! Jenelle on the real, you need HELP!! YOUR behavior is Pathetic, seriously, what are you proving ... and to who??? Real talk, dare you to get down with a B***h that will give back ah beating on your ass! Word of advise Jenelle ... you f'Ken have a kid GROW THE F**K up and stop acting like a B***H in heat!! You need help booboo!


Please someone get these people off TV...!
Teen Mom has become such a farce.
I feel too sorry for their kids to watch. Talk about leaving a good legacy to your children.