Teen Mom Throwdown: Jenelle Evans PUMMELS Britany Truett

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Jenelle Evans has found a way to make Amber Portwood look stable.

The Teen Mom 2 star got into it with some girl named Britany Truett this week, and you can't even call it a catfight - it's a one-sided, violent beating.

With her loser friends cheering (and apparently filming) and yelling "get 'er" and "that's what you get," Jenelle Evans laid into Britany again and again.

Seriously, she landed like 20 blows to the face as Brit shrieked in pain.

TOO FAR: This fight was over REAL fast, but Evans kept at it.

It's not quite clear what prompted this, but Jenelle, 19, clearly instigated it, spewing nasty insults before throwing down and pounding her senseless.

After repeated shots to the face, with Britany bleeding and unable to defend herself, one of Jenelle's idiot friends finally restrains her out-of-control ass.

Sources close to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle's boyfriend. You can watch the video here, but it's more disturbing than funny.

We'd lawyer up if we were Jenelle. And get a psych consult.

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sad thing is Kieffer was cheating on her and she should've been beating HIS ass.


jennelle is just a stupid ass hole bicth and funkin retarted> :o


damn id fuck her boyfriend myself fuck that bitch[;


haa that bitch jenelle cant fight ferr shit if it came down to me and her fighting that bitch ass hoe only won because the other girl stopped fighting back id kick that bitches ass personally i fuckin HATE her and i will see her one day..


Oh and another thing Britany doesnt have custdy of her kid either neither does Britanys mom Britanys GRANDPARENTS have custdy of her kid. Britany does drugs JUST LIKE JENELLE. oh and thats not even britanys house. Shes not with the baby dad either she just lives with him and his parents. So jenelle is not the only bad mother here...Britany is too. Thanks. Oh and another thing no one bashed Vanessa Hudges from High School Musical and all those DISNEY SHOWS&MOVIES, when she posted all her naked pictures all over the web. But you are all right Jenelle is the worest roll model, EVEN THOUGH kids that impresionable should not even be watching this show, but disney movie and shows something like that you would think get more bashing from...guess not because everyone has alwaysed loved Vanessa Hudges


I know both of them personally and Britany called jenelle over to her house. Because Britany wanted to fight and all of this started over facebook. Where Britany was messing around with Jenelles Boyfriend. So really Britany asked for it when she called Jenelle and told her to come and fight her. Its not Jenelles fault that she can fight and Britany cant. Do i think fighting is wrong, yes. Do i think Jenelle has made the best of choices, NO. But what i do think is that people should really not pass judgment on someone they dont know. You dont see all of Jenelles life you see whats not edited out and you never see what happens when the cameras are down. Or what happens over facebook. So give her a break.


I'm not saying what jenelle did was right either I don't think it was but what would u be saying if it happened the other way around?


And btw the girl that jenelle faugt was evidently there to fight if that group of people was there -- she's a MOTHER TOO-- bash on her she's just as bad.. could've turned out that Janelle couldn't fight and she could've beat the shit out of Jenelle then who would be saying what about which one. Think before you speek.


Jenelle has no right acting like that, if you're old enough to have sex then you're old enough to look after a baby. I was 17 when I got pregnant and I have never acted like that! You have to make sacrifices as a parent, not continue acting like an out of control child


From a ABC news article about this incident: "In February, it was revealed that three of Evans' teen friends had gotten pregnant, raising eyebrows and fueling speculation that the teenagers got pregnant for fame's sake." Giving more reason to my belief there is so much more behind this latest situation. I feel MTV really needs to take a second look, perhaps it's encouraging these girls to do whatever it takes to get noticed. Obviously getting pregnant did not work for the victim, Brittany Truett.

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