Teen Mom Throwdown: Jenelle Evans PUMMELS Britany Truett

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Jenelle Evans has found a way to make Amber Portwood look stable.

The Teen Mom 2 star got into it with some girl named Britany Truett this week, and you can't even call it a catfight - it's a one-sided, violent beating.

With her loser friends cheering (and apparently filming) and yelling "get 'er" and "that's what you get," Jenelle Evans laid into Britany again and again.

Seriously, she landed like 20 blows to the face as Brit shrieked in pain.

TOO FAR: This fight was over REAL fast, but Evans kept at it.

It's not quite clear what prompted this, but Jenelle, 19, clearly instigated it, spewing nasty insults before throwing down and pounding her senseless.

After repeated shots to the face, with Britany bleeding and unable to defend herself, one of Jenelle's idiot friends finally restrains her out-of-control ass.

Sources close to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle's boyfriend. You can watch the video here, but it's more disturbing than funny.

We'd lawyer up if we were Jenelle. And get a psych consult.

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Yes Jenelle needs help and is getting with getting just out of rehab and I really hope it helps her and she gets better but she needs more help then just rehab. Her mother also needs help and needs to stop making everything about her. Her mother needs to realize she has a problem and deal and take care of it. They both need therepy and family therepy.


And some people wonder why terrorists bomb us.


Two simple words for Jenelle....WHITE TRASH!!! She's the biggest hill billy loser I've ever seen....it's disgusting!! And her nasty loser bf, kieffer....ok, first of all....with the name kieffer....he's destined to be a loser and 2nd....he's frickin fugly! Hope those two don't breed more nastiness into this world...god knows we have more than enough!


i think personaly it's kinda funny because brittany deserved appariently. but jennele shouldn't have fought with brittany they could have easily talked it out like to responsiable mothers but they didn't


obviously both of them are bad mothers they probably both wont get their children back, get over it guys their never gonna change and if they do it will be surpirsing, they both needa go to rehab,fuck its just two teens fighting, nothing speical, so what janelle is some what famous for her bad mothering skills, leave it alone im tired of hearing about it, so what if she goes to jail thats on her not us, and its her business, not ours! kay bye.


@Sam// I have to disagree with your position. Now yes, Janelle's mother has things to deal with (like the fact that she probably over nurtured Janelle & needs to learn from How she turned out, NOT to spoil Jace so that he won't be rotten like his mom). However, its only so much a human can take before they break. This woman has gone thru hell & back w/ Janelle & like all humans, she isnt perfect. So she reacted in anger about the gift & school (which is an emotion masking pain). But she wants the best 4her.


Janelle is completely out of control. From watching Teen Mom 2, I am disgusted with this girls character. She, indeed, needs help. I dont know what she has endured as a child, or if its just complete rebellion... But whatever the case, she is sick & needs help before she self destructs. God Bless Her mother for taking care of the baby & stepping up enforcing that the law take over when Janelle refuses to listen (which is all the time).


I understand what you are saying about Jenelle's mom, and I agree partially. In the 16 & Pregnant, Jenelle refused to take care of the child and went out to party instead, broke dates with her mother, promised things she never made effort to fulfill and etcetera. It makes sense her mother is still mad about Jenelle's unruly behavior and unwillingness to become a mother. But that still gives her no right to deny her education and completely rag on her gift to Jace. However, I can understand Jenelle's mother's frustrations, though both Jenelle and mother have some serious issues that need to be worked through. Jenelle still needs time to grow up -- but she doesn't seem to realize that she doesn't have any time left.


Your story made me cry. And I agree with everything you said. Jenelle deserved to have her mother take custody away. She is not a good mother, and I doubt her ability to ever bond with her child and become one.


Hunny, Britney got what she deserved Im with Jenelle on this one. For one the girl shouldn't of told Jenelle to come over she wanted to fight her. So it's really all Britany's fault for running her damn mouth to Jenelle. She just learned to stop running her mouth to the wrong people at the wrong time. So hah Britany. Run ur mouth to another girl and this will happen agin. Jenelle is a good mother so you guys need to quit trash talking her. I know her personally so You bitches better quit talkin shit. I love you Jenelle. You gave that girl what she deserved.