Teen Mom Stars: Plastic Surgery Fiends?

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Jenelle Evans has been accused of so many things.

Substance abuse. Being unable or unwilling to perform her duties as a mother. Breaking an entering. Breaking Britany Truett's face in this epic beatdown.

A plastic surgery addict, though? That's a new one!

Plastic Surgery Addicts

Too bad Jenelle can't have a brain implant done.

Also calling out Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer and original cast members Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout, In Touch says the surgical craze is widespread.

Even if this were true, does anyone care?

Amber and Jenelle have both been arrested for pummeling other human beings in fairly shocking fashion. All of the above girls got pregnant at a very young age.

There's so much to debate already - is Teen Mom bad for society, what's best for the kids, whether these loons should be in jail, etc. What's a little plastic surgery?

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Teen mom is great for teens lets them see what it like I was teen mom n it was hard stop trying hide things from kids teach em right let em see it hands on so they no use,protection or take care your baby this is what happens wgen u dont wrap it up teen mom is great love the show anyone thar dont is a hater keep up good work wish we had teen mom oyt when I was young this teaches children things educational u got learn some how n kids watch tv it better tgen scarey movies it true life reality tv love it the best ever keep it reality educational real life problems no ones perfect n this world n reality proves it


This show doesnt promote young girls to have sex. But it does show the young girls that have sex and get pregnant that they dont have to choose abortion and that they can be a single parent. Not all moms are this bad, these girls have alot of added stress of having their life shown to the world.


"The Teen Mom stars earn $60,000 to $65,000 per season," a series insider tells Life & Style.
I got this off of Huffington Post. So yes, they make money, why else would they do the show?? Use your brain hilluhhree.


Bullshit!! Is all I have to say to the comment about them not making money off of the show.


no mother is perfect.. these girls have the self esteem of shit.. look at society today!! look at kate from kate plus eight, didnt she get a little surgery too and did anyone chirp her? if its a younger mother, godforbid she may want to feel a litte bit more confident in her life, look where the media has placed them... As long as theyre children are safe, happy and recieve unconditional love and care, then thats all that should matter. Who cares if they want surgery! every mother deserves to feel beautiful, natural or not, they deserve that happiness.


if you people know anything about the show nobody profits from it but the babies... the money goes into a trust fund for the children until they are 18, the parents never lay a hand on it so do some research before opening your mouths... And teen moms are a nation wide problem and these girls aren't profiting from this show at all, the whole point of it is to see how they manage with what they already have... mtv does not give them anything! and dont go around bashing people either im pretty sure you wouldnt like it is someone said you looked like a toad! its sad they aren't using protection and having kids education is more important


Seriously, tb????? If MTV wasn't throwing money at these teens, the trend would stop???? Wake up and join the world. How about teen pregnancy has been an issue since before your grandmother. What has changed is parenting.


i agree with jayymee these girls are nothing but idiots. If mtv wasnt throwing money at teenage girls who get pregnant at early ages KNOWING they can't provide for them, than maybe this "trend" across america of teen pregnancy would stop. MTV is just sendiong the message hey adolesents, we'll pay you if you ruin your lives and let us film it. STOP 16 AND PREGNANT AND TEEN MOM!!!!!!


Jayymee sound like a hater to me dont hate on dese girls u dont have a fuckin heart u want dem to struggle wit kids u suck!!! Im sure dere doin for da kids wit da money too half da time doc do it for free since dey are mini celebs!!!


i really find it funny before the shows began these girls barly afforded anything now plastic surgery mtv should cut the show and not give any money to these gurls

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