Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska to Ex: He's MY Kid!

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Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska has a message for her baby daddy.

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    Can anyone explain what the *&^%% is Chelsea doing with her hair??? It looks like a rat's nest, all the time....and she is attending "hair school"???? ROFLMAO


    Chelsea I think your a great person and eventually you will get over adam. You'll look back and think how dumb but every girl goes through it. Just do what you feel is right in your heart. Omg by the way I think your dad randy is the sexiest most kind hearted man Ive ever seen.via
    Good luck...


    Please get over Adam. Its sad how you let him make you look like a fool!


    Chelsea I think your an amazing mother for being so young.....I had my first child when I was a teen...it was hard.....don't listen to all these ignorant people...there just jealous of you....people that put others down are just unhappy with themselves .....


    hey chelsea. im from south dakota to and your my favorite on the show. adam doesnt deserve aubree in his life. he doesnt care about you so just move on its best for you and aubree. good luck girl!!! i hope to meet you since we live in the same state :)


    Get Real Chelsea!
    Your father knows best.
    Adam speaks to you terribly and doesnt even have the sense to put on a good side for the T>V> show
    You can make it alone with Aubree, just set yourself free from this loser, some one beautiful is out there for you and Aubree.
    Adam doesnt even pay child support and he calls hime self a man.
    He is discusting! He is a total Loser! And still a child himself.
    Chelsea believe in your self, believe in Aubree and believe your wonderful father. ADAM IS NO GOOD FOR YOU EVERY ONE SEES IT WHY CARNT YOU. DUMP THE BUM - MY BET IS HE WILL FATHER ANOTHER CHILD SOON


    you´re a beatiful woman, good look


    I am so dissapointed in Chelsea. It is one thing for a woman not to stand up for herself but she is just as terrible as Adam for not sticking up for Aubrey. By taking him back over and over again after the repeated verbal abuse and general lack of respect she is saying it's okay for her and her daughter to be treated so horribly. It is clear she loves the little girl but she has quite a lot to learn when it comes to knowing how to protect her and raise her right. Her father Randy seems wonderful and she is so lucky to have him, but I agree with the others when they say he needs to stop enabling her as much as he does. The episode where Chelsea lies to her father about adam staying there is just dispicable. He puts his neck out for her over and over again and she takes advantage. She is a little delusional if she thinks thats how life works and its sad to know she doesn't know how to take care of herself.


    person below me, u shut up and leave her alone k


    She's a dumb, spoiled Brat. Her name should B Doormat!
    She needs to realize that she modeling desperate, clingy, jealous and verbal abusive behavior to Her daughter.
    Her daughter is gonna grow up, seeking the same kind of Dirtbag & tolerating abuse.
    She claims she hates being "in the middle" between Adam and Her Dad. Bitch, grow the f*ck up and deal with it. Your not the victim here, Aubrey is.
    Will you use the same exuse with Aubry?
    get a job& stop depending, financially on your Dad. You're a grown ass women now!

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