Tamra Barney on Televised Bathtub Seduction: No Regrets!

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Tamra Barney might be engaged to Eddie Judge. But she was definitely naked and seducing him from the inside of a bathtub on the March 20 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Does she have any regrets over the scripted stunt her actions? Nah.

Tamra Barney Promo Pic

"I'm a free spirit, so I'm fine with it," Barney tells Life & Style in a new interview.

Alexis Bellino didn't think the scene was appropriate, however, saying on that evening's installment of "Watch What Happens Live" that Tamra's behavior was akin to "soft-core porn."

Barney's response to this transparently contrived controversy? "It probably wasn't one of my better on-camera choices. Because one day I might have to answer to my children, but they don't watch the show. And would they disown me because I'm happy and in love? No."

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LMAO...A free spirit? Sorry Tamra....you're way too old for anyone to want to see you naked...but you sure shoved it in their face anyways didn't ya? Just gross.....no one wants to see your fake saggy ass.


hi,iam a mom i like the program very much,but as an adult and as a woman specialy if you are a mom for your children you tamra can do thing that are really private,intimate with your partner if you respect yourself as a woman or mom.all that is fot the bedroom not for the public i think the fame is over you head now that you cannt think properly iam ashame of you.you have to feel the same ashame of yourself for you and your children.


S5 has just started showing in the UK. However, reading about Tamra's exploits do not come as a shock, nor does the news of her divorce. If Tamra's intention was to portray herself as a fame hungry, jealous, two faced lying, 2 cent millionaire whore, then I appauld her on achieving that with grandure and much more besides! Her fixation with Gretchen is borderline stalker status.


Tamra makes me realize that you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you cant take the trailer park out of the girl. She is really showing her true colors this season.. Its just so funny to watch she thinks she is the hottest thing in the O.C she doesnt realize she is an old hag. Noticed her and her man drink alot Funny he probably has to consume massive amounts of alcohol to drink 20 years off of her. You are a trashbox Tamra.. and Simon is better off without you. Sure hope he is raising the kids .. Get a grip Granny !


Nice Pak31 you hit the nail on the head!!


Grose, I mean beyond nauseating and desperate. Her poor kids and what an ASS to embarrass her ex like that. double yuck. Just glancing at the pic makes me feel queezy.


No regrets = no morals. Any self respecting woman wouldn't allow cameras filming an intimate moment.


Well you see, now that she is a single gal her free sprite will come out to play!! And maybe she would also want to drop her ex's last name, just saying!! Hope this guy is rich and great in bed!